Abortion again

The debate on abortion is reignited after the measures announced by a Spanish autonomous government. Among so many questions, what should be clear?

January 22, 2023-Reading time: 2 minutes

A woman holds her baby's ultrasound (Unsplash / Volodymyr Hryshchenko).

I am writing these lines on abortion, regarding the controversy that has recently arisen in the Autonomous Community of Castile and Leon, but I am not involved in any partisan political discussion. I want to write from the reality of things, from the evidence. There are, at least, two evidences that cannot be avoided and that we must keep repeating if we do not want to lose all reason on such a fundamental issue for the person and for society.

The first is that, from the first moment of conception, there is a new human life, which begins its vital journey in the womb of the mother; intimately united to her, intimately dependent on her, but a human life distinct from her. We cannot place the beginning of a new human life even one second after that precise instant of conception, because, if we do so, there will be no way to agree on when it is the beginning.

The second piece of evidence is that performing an abortion is not the exclusive competence of the womanThe embryo is an embryo of the human species and its preservation concerns all of humanity.

In these two evidences I think that all women and men with a minimum of common sense agree.

These are two evidences that will not change no matter how much it is repeated that the embryo is "a thing", a "protuberance", an "amalgam of cells" until we do not know at what point during its formation process, or no matter how much it is repeated that abortion is the exclusive responsibility of the woman.

I imagine that when a woman is going to have an abortion because of serious difficulties in her life, what may bother her the most is to be told that it is her exclusive competence or responsibility, or that she has the right to do it. I imagine that this woman would say to them in the depths of her conscience: "Please, leave me alone; do you really think that I have a real right to do this? This is not a question of rights, but of very deep human dramas, which affect us all, women and men, as human beings, and which should be dealt with in a different way globally. But for now this is a utopia.

Abortion is a worldwide human drama that had its beginnings, in modern times, during the 60's of the last century, encouraged by the international financial oligarchy under the influence of the famous Rockefeller family. Will the time come when we will realize the colossal human drama that is taking place? I look forward to that day when true human progress will triumph.

The authorCelso Morga

Archbishop of the Diocese of Mérida Badajoz

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