Omnes offers companies multiple advertising formatsin both the print and digital environments.

Performing the advertising campaigns of your company on OMNES platforms you will achieve:

increase visibility as a company / brand,
strategically position your brand as a reference,
enable a new communication channel with a large audience in many countries,
leverage our channels to present products / services,
promote and publicize events, product or service launches, etc.

OMNES digital currently has about 2,800,000 visits per year, with a year-on-year growth of 243 %.

The quality and variety of our content, and its seriousness and rigor, give OMNES an ideal prestige position to offer a space to associate your company / brand and get the best results for your campaigns.


You can contact our Sales Manager at

[email protected]
Arturo Soria, 288, semisótano izquierda, 28033 Madrid (Spain)
Tel: (+34) 91 575 2187  

These are some of the possibilities:

-webhorizontal home banner, wide horizontal banner, narrow horizontal banner, square side banner;

-magazine: cover, back cover, double page, full page, half page, flap, spine;

-newsletteris sent every week to thousands of people located in numerous places;

-podcastAdvertising mention in the recording;

-Forums and MeetingsYou can participate as a sponsor or as a collaborator;

-advertorials or sponsored contentThe following information can be found in the Omnes magazine or on the web site;