Who we are

Omnes is a media company multiplatform of information about the Church. It offers a window of analysis and reflection on the themes that today occupy the hearts and minds of Catholics: themes that are increasingly complex and universal, affecting all spheres of our Christian, social and civic life... We are interested in offering, along with a review of the events, contextual data.

Omnes points to the catholicity. The diversity of channels (print, digital, video, forums, newsletters, etc.) makes it possible to reach more people with more information. speed and efficiencyThe program is open to all those who are interested in the life of the Church in other countries, regardless of their age or information habits.

Omnes collects the inheritance of the magazine Palabra, which was born in September 1965, at a very significant historical moment, and which until 2020 was published by Ediciones Palabra S.A. In January 2021 it adopted the new name of Omnes and launched the website www.omnesmag.com. The current publisher of Omnes is Inicia, Iniciativas de Comunicación y Evangelización S.L., a company belonging to the foundation Centro Académico Romano Foundation. Thus, Omnes continues to bring to life the legacy it has received, taking on challenges and broadening horizons in order to remain a reference in Catholic information today.

Omnes is the basis for a community. This is a platform for everyone: editorial team, readers, subscribers, "collaborators", patrons... We count on your presence and participation. On this website you will find precise information on how to join us in each of these ways. In addition, we are open to all your suggestions.

We introduce you to the team of Omnes. 

Alfonso Riobó is the director.

María José Atienza is the editor-in-chief.

Giovanni Tridente is an editor in Rome.

Loreto Rios is an editor.

Gonzalo Meza is the coordinator of the US edition

Paloma Lopez is an editor at the US edition

Jennifer E. Terranova is an editor at the US edition

Enric Bonet is an editor in Barcelona.

Rafael Hernández Urigüen is an editor in San Sebastian.

Manuel Blanco is an editor in Santiago de Compostela.

Alejandro Nevado is in charge of layout and design.

David Fernandez is Director of Development.

We have correspondents in the following countries:

ArgentinaMarcelo Barrionuevo. 
AustriaJacqueline Rabell 
BelgiumJosé Antonio Núñez. 
BoliviaSebastián Ramos Mejía. 
Brazil: João Carlos Nara. 
CanadaFernando Emilio Mignone. 
ChilePablo Aguilera. 
ColombiaSebastián Silva. 
D.R. Congo: Federico Quiros. 
Costa Rica: Abelardo Rivera. 
Ecuador: Juan Carlos Vásconez. 
El Salvador: Simeon Reyes. 
United States: Gonzalo Meza. 
Finland: Raimo Goyarrola. 
France: José Luis Domingo and Bernard García. 
Guatemala: Juan Bautista Robledillo. 
Honduras: Carlos Luis Páez and Henry Asterio Rodríguez. 

Italy: Giovanni Tridente. 

Kazakhstan: Aurora Diaz

Kenya: Martyn Drakard. 
Lebanon: Ferran Canet. 
Mexico: Ada Irma Cruz Davalillo. 
Nicaragua: Carlos Mairena. 
Nigeria: Eugene Ohu. 
Paraguay: Federico Mernes. 
Peru: Luis Gaspar Uribe. 
Poland: Ignacy Soler. 
Portugal: Ricardo Cardozo. 
Puerto Rico: Alejandro Zubieta. 
United Kingdom: Gerard Sheehan. 
Czech Republic: Gustavo Monge Camina. 
Dominican Republic: José Francisco Tejeda. 
South African Republic: José María Pich. 
Holy Land: Manuel Cimadevilla. 
Uruguay: Agustín Sapriza. 
Venezuela: Marcos Pantin.

In addition, we have the contributions of numerous journalists, experts, professors and prestigious firms.