What happens in the first eight weeks of life?

Three medical and obstetrics professionals from the University of Navarra explain, in a short video, the development of human life in its early stages.

Maria José Atienza-November 14, 2022-Reading time: < 1 minute

Professors Mar Cuadrado, Begoña Olartecoechea, a midwife, and Elisa Mengual, of the University of Navarra A video that, in a graphic way and supported by medicine and biology, shows the uniqueness of each life from the moment of conception.

A process in which the qualitative leap "is fertilization," they emphasize. From there, in the first eight weeks of life, the baby is formed in the mother's womb. These are the essential months, in which, from the very beginning, all the information "about its sex, the color of its hair, its eyes, etc., is already present.

Among the moments reviewed in this video, the doctors and midwives point out, for example, the baby's heartbeat, which begins around day 22 after gestation, and "in the fourth week the neural tube has already formed and the limbs have begun to develop; two weeks later, at six weeks of life, you can already start to see the baby's little hands".

At two months all organs are formed in the human being; from then on, a process of weight gain and maturation begins.

The video demonstrates the inviolability and uniqueness of each life from the first moment of its existence.

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