Latin America

Corpus Christi in Patzún, a focus of Eucharistic piety

Omnes-June 2, 2017-Reading time: < 1 minute

Patzún, a city in the Guatemalan highlands, is already a focus of Eucharistic piety, with a Corpus Christi procession that is three centuries old. Devotion to the Sacramental Lord has spread to many places.

Juan Bautista Robledillo, Guatemala City

Patzún is a Guatemalan city of about 54,000 inhabitants, mostly of indigenous population, which stands out among other things for its Eucharistic piety, manifested in its maximum splendor on the day of Corpus Christi with its rich and colorful carpets. Although this tradition is lived throughout the country, Patzún (land of the sunflower), is emblematic for its colorful, for the participation of all its people, even non-Catholics, and more and more come from all over the country and foreign tourists...

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