"We few; we, happy few."

We meet teachers, journalists, bakers and hairdressers whose clairvoyance in the sociocultural diagnosis of our world is hair-raising. Few, yes, but with the ability to shed light on issues such as the defense of life, freedom of expression or the nature of the family.

June 3, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes
freedom of expression

Luis Hererra, in the extensive, and no less interesting, article that we bring in this issue of Omnes on the woke culture, quotes G. K. Chesterton's phrase in which, in a premonitory way, he affirmed: "...the culture of the woke".Soon we will be in a world where a man can be booed for saying that two and two make four.".

Considering this sentence within the context in which a government has changed, by law, the mathematics because "they are sexist"The vision of the eminent English writer even causes a certain amount of fear.

There are people who are not only spectacles, but glasses for society. Teachers, journalists, bakers or hairdressers whose clairvoyance in sociocultural diagnosis makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. It makes the skin crawl, yes, for some because it directly challenges them in their work; for others, because it brings them face to face with the inconsistency of the dominant culture and, therefore, with the haste of the destruction that devours itself.

Mariano Fazio pointed out in the interview in the last issue of Omnes that, at present, "we proclaim freedom as the highest human value, but we live slaves to our dependencies.". The so-called culture woke has elevated each of these dependencies to the status of a moral principle.

Today, not everything goes, only what a few decide is right. 

We have gone from the ten commandments to the hundred thousand. Contradictory to each other many times and only united by the animosity to the new enemiesThe values rooted in faith, family, freedom of education or patriotism. From "live and let live". at "either you live by my standards or you don't live at all.".

Fortunately, in this jungle of mandates and new rights, new voices are being raised: few or many, known or unknown, that put in black and white the importance of the family, plural education, the undeniable difference between men and women or the defense of life.

Yes, they also exist today. They are a few, a few "happy few, a band of brothers", that turn upside down the boxes in which, paradoxically, this libertarian dictatorship tries to label and hide anyone who does not think according to the mainstream.

Indeed, perhaps few, rare, are those who dare to raise their voices, without histrionic shrieking, in defense of the truth, the real truth we used to ask for in children's games. Those few who will change the world and beckon us to join them. Because in reality, as we know, "the truth shall set you free" and because, as Flanery O'Connor pointed out, "the truth will make you strange".

Committed freedom, that freedom that comes directly from the union with truth, that freedom that defends reality without betraying it with ideology, is today a rare possession that we have the moral obligation to share and show in all its greatness.

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