The moral stature of Joseph Ratzinger

The letter published by the Pope emeritus in February in response to the Munich law firm's abuse report demonstrates admirable humility and moral stature. 

March 9, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes

On February 6, Benedict XVI published a historic letter. In it he clarified that there was a transcription error in the 82-page report he sent to the Munich law firm, which was investigating cases of pederasty in the German Church. The report was the answer to a series of questions from the lawyers, to which was added the reading and analysis of almost eight thousand pages of documents, as well as the study of an expert report of almost two thousand pages. 

This transcription error, which denied Ratzinger's participation in a meeting in which he was present and in which it was decided to welcome an abuser priest in the diocese, has led to a strong controversy that points to the former bishop as a cover-up of up to four priests, in the less than five years he was at the head of the diocese of Munich and Friesland.

Later it became known that during that meeting there was no discussion of the accusations against the clergyman, of which Ratzinger was unaware. In any case, the letter is much more than a legitimate exercise of self-defense. 

The Pope Emeritus examines his conscience and opens his heart before men, but above all before "....the final judge". And in writing, as he has demonstrated on numerous occasions with the facts, he apologizes for the "great guilt". of the sin of pederasty perpetrated in the Church by priests and religious. He recalls his encounters with victims of abuse and again expresses deep shame, great pain and sincere request for forgiveness.

"Every case of sexual abuse is terrible and irreparable."Benedict admits. The frank apology of the man who has taken some of the most forceful measures to curb this scourge within the Church demonstrates the gravity of the sin, but also the humility and moral stature of Joseph Ratzinger.

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