Talk about it with children and the elderly

The healthy development of society depends on strengthening and stabilizing the family nucleus. Laws are needed to protect and support families through marriage, work-life balance, education and life.

November 1, 2017-Reading time: 2 minutes

The decline in marriages and family stability in more developed countries affects the social and economic order. Data indicate that minors involved in delinquency, for example, lack one or both parents. This absence causes school dropout, loneliness and bad habits that affect the physical and emotional health of children. Studies on the subject are abundant, as well as those who recognize the value of the family, the importance of defending the cell of society. All this is true, but the problem deserves immediate answers and profound plans to help the new generations.

The diagnosis of difficulties in couples, marriages and families could be linked to effective proposals. Sometimes the best proposals to strengthen the family are rejected because they speak of values, virtues in disuse due to ideological currents that proclaim freedom without responsibility, success without loyalty and happiness without sacrifice.

Strengthening the family and ensuring a good future for children requires a minimum of respect in friendship and courtship, as well as realism and maturity in making the decision to marry. In some places, the requirements for acquiring a driver's license are stricter than those necessary for marriage. While ending the union may be easier to divorce than closing a bank account.

According to a study by the Business Insider In May 2014, Chile is the country with the lowest divorce rate (3 %). The percentage of divorcees in some Latin American countries is Guatemala 5 %; Colombia 9 %; Mexico 15 %; Ecuador 20 %; Brazil 21 % and Venezuela 27 %.

The law alone does not make the family, but the laws that favor its identity are a legal and material support to parents that contribute to social, moral and economic stability. There is no other institution capable of doing all the good that is achieved in the family. Whoever has doubts about this could talk to children and the elderly.

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