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The preliminary draft law "for the equality" of persons with disabilities trans The company already has many voices openly against it, also within the left, feminist groups, and the of transactivists.

December 12, 2022-Reading time: 3 minutes

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Much has been said and could be said about the draft bill of the so-called "Trans Law". The -still inexplicably- Minister of Equality has been showcased already previously with the so-called "law of the only yes is yes".

The fiasco of this bungled regulation does not seem to help to promote this new draft bill, which has been processed with too much haste, without social debate, and without taking into account the opinion of the scientific community, which has been systematically silenced. Only ideology counts here. But not only, there is also business, and not a little of it.

There are already many voices openly against, and they do not come precisely from the opposition, but from the left itself, from feminist groups and collectives. detransactivistsThe new technologies, which are gaining strength in our country, as has already occurred in the United Kingdom, are also being used in the United States.

To give just one example, Laura Freixas, known for her feminist militancy, was devastating with the delusions of this preliminary project in a recent edition of the 8TV program The pentagon. As it is in Catalan, I will give you a summary: according to Freixas, the aim is to transform desires and feelings into realities, which amounts to something similar to believing in magic: I go to the Civil Registry, I say I am a man and I automatically come out a man..... And not only that, but also, the camelo We all have to believe it because of this law.

Freixas wonders what interest someone could have in changing sex without changing anything. There are only two answers: fraud of the law, or doing business, or both at the same time. This happens, for example, when one tries to compete in women's tournaments in order to win them, or when one wants to change one's sex without changing anything. sneak in women's prisons to assault them, as has already occurred in the United Kingdom.

It is a kind of neomachism disguised as progressivism, since the only victim continues to be women, who are once again made invisible and victimized.

¿Cui prodest(who benefits?)

The other side of the coin is the trans business. The detransactivista Sandra Mercado denounces it with numerous evidences in her book The transgenderism scam.

Little or nothing is said about the economic interest of the clinics that offer this type of transition surgeries; and even less about the pharmaceutical industry sector that enriches itself by commercializing the hormones that those who undergo these processes will need for life. Hence the interest in the transition of minors: the sooner they start, the more years they will have to live with the hormones they will need for life. les will need.

But Mercado's strongest denunciation refers to the disinformation that trans people suffer. They are promised that after the transition their dysphoria will end, which is not true.

They are only offered psychological affirmation therapies, mutilation of a healthy body and experimental hormone treatments, about whose unfavorable side effects almost nothing is known to date.

What Mercado and many detransitionists The treatments they demand are treatments that address the root causes of dysphoria, which, she says, are not in the body but in the mind.

If not stopped in time, this bill promises to be a new blow-up in the face of Montero and her allies. For it is only intended to promote a pathetic trans fashion (because it's pathetic to play with people's health) and benefit the trans businessaccelerating the erasure of women.

The still Minister of Equality seems to be determined to load your own ministry. From here I would ask you to stop playing at social engineering and be a little serious with those people who truly suffer from gender dysphoria. Help them to regain their balance with something other than selling them lies.

The authorMontserrat Gas Aixendri

Professor at the Faculty of Law of the International University of Catalonia and director of the Institute for Advanced Family Studies. She directs the Chair on Intergenerational Solidarity in the Family (IsFamily Santander Chair) and the Childcare and Family Policies Chair of the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation. She is also Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law at UIC Barcelona.

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