Fathers, mothers and mothers

The social engineering that, through an ideologized educational system, is being imposed on young people will not only have personal and emotional consequences, but also educational ones.

May 25, 2021-Reading time: 2 minutes

In Article 17 of the new law on transsexuality, which deals with the change of name in the Civil Registry of persons trans it is pointed out that 'persons trans will be registered as fathers, mothers or mothers according to the current registered sex whether male, female or non-binary or blank'.

To the dance of names that some groups have already accustomed us to and with which, little by little, we are becoming familiar, we add a new one, at least for me, which are the 'adres' (the?).

Beyond the situation of individuals, who, like all people, deserve the utmost respect, not because they are transI would like to warn of the educational consequences that this type of concepts and visions of sexuality can have.

Indeed, in schools, even children from three to five years old are being taught about transsexuality so that they understand and normalize it. Through stories, disguised as tolerance, a mentality is being transmitted to children in which their own sexuality and that of their parents is blurred and confused. Boys who are girls, girls who are boys, boys and girls who do not know what they are. Fathers, mothers and mothers.

We are building the personalities of our children and young people on sand, depriving them of the necessary security at every moment of their lives so that they can grow up in harmony.

Javier Segura

A basic educational principle is that we grow and mature from certainties, not from doubts. In all kinds of knowledge and experience we learn from certainties which we gradually deepen until we discover their complexity. If I am to teach English sentence construction to children, I will tell them that the auxiliary verb 'do' is used for negatives and interrogatives. And I will tell them that it is not used in affirmative sentences. The time will come when I will tell them that in affirmative sentences, if I want to emphasize the idea, I must use the auxiliary verb 'do', as for example in Peter Pan's song, 'I do believe in fairies'. That is simply the correct learning process.

I believe that we are building on sand the personality of our children and young people, depriving them of the necessary security at every moment of their lives so that they can grow up in harmony. And it is false that we are making them more tolerant and capable of welcoming those who are, for one reason or another, different.

It is a social engineering project in which large amounts of money are being invested, in order to overturn the concept of human nature and even the very idea of personhood. And it is being done in a particularly active way in the world of education, starting with children.

This is especially serious when it comes to the youngest, with a developing personality, inducing them to experiences and approaches that are alien to what their own psychological and affective evolution needs. It is not only that we are killing their childhood. It is that we are provoking doubts about their own identity that can seriously harm their development and maturation. Because we grow from certainties, from certainties. Also in the affective sphere, also in the adult referents of their fathers and mothers.

The social engineering to which gender ideology is subjecting our children is educationally nonsensical.

Javier Segura

The time will come when the child grows up and becomes an adolescent and young person, and then he or she will understand that there are complex situations in the area of sexuality that deserve to be approached with the utmost respect. But the social engineering to which gender ideology is subjecting our children is educationally a nonsense with very serious personal and social consequences.

All educators need to keep this in mind.

The authorJavier Segura

Teaching Delegate in the Diocese of Getafe since the 2010-2011 academic year, he has previously exercised this service in the Archbishopric of Pamplona and Tudela, for seven years (2003-2009). He currently combines this work with his dedication to youth ministry directing the Public Association of the Faithful 'Milicia de Santa Maria' and the educational association 'VEN Y VERÁS. EDUCATION', of which he is President.

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