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Love in times of coronavirus

April 7, 2020-Reading time: 2 minutes

Suddenly and urgently, telecommuting and online classes have to be normalized. Almost the entire planet stops and we all go into forced confinement. Those who have criticized digitalization so much are even having to attend mass for streamingWhat sense can we make of all this? What is the Lord saying to us in these situations?  

Pope John Paul II, who knew physical and moral suffering at close quarters, said: "In the program of the kingdom of God, suffering is present in the world to provoke love, to give birth to works of love for one's neighbor." (Salvifici Doloris, 30). Perhaps the coronavirus comes to remind us that only love gives meaning to our lives. The love of God that accompanies us, the fraternal love that renews itself. 

We become aware that we decide and act out of love. We stay at home so as not to infect or become infected. We continue to connect in another way because we see the importance of taking care of our bonds. We offer ourselves to care for the most vulnerable; we continue to pray at home; we realize that what we considered normal until a few days ago, has much more value than we gave it: the Eucharist, a kiss or a hug, meeting with friends or colleagues, going for a walk, playing sports outdoors, laughing with co-workers, etc. Love becomes the center and the driving force. 

And we will surely return on the day of the reunion more serene, more mature, more joyful. Because the experience of living as a family enriches the soul, to be able to live calmly the time allows us to reflect, to discover that only together we can overcome the virus helps us to renounce individualism, to relate to each other in the distance teaches us what is important in the relationship and to realize the co-responsibility of living in society makes us solidary.

The authorXiskya Valladares

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