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June 6, 2018-Reading time: 2 minutes

Jesus' invitation was clear: Be salt of the world, leaven in the dough. Neither salt nor yeast stand out, but without them the end result is catastrophic.

Xiskya Valladares -Religious of the Purity of Mary Congregation

It's true that we're almost halfway through 2018, but out of curiosity I went to Google Trends to consult the major trends of 2017. My concern was, above all, along the lines of knowing how significant we Catholics, the Church and the Gospel, are being in Spain and the world. I have to say that we are not leaving any evangelical mark in the digital world.

This reality could discourage us. But also the opposite, to be a revulsive that awakens us and challenges us to change what is necessary. Jesus' invitation was clear: Be salt in the world, yeast in the dough. Neither salt nor yeast stand out, but without them the end result is catastrophic. It happened to me recently with a cake that did not rise enough because it lacked more yeast and we ended up throwing it away.

I am convinced that trends would change if we were more often aware of this. Why Eurovision, HBO, the Oscars, Survivors and La Sexta Directa are trending topic of 2017 and there is nothing related to the Church? The truth is that I may be wrong, but it doesn't occur to me to associate any of those themes with our values. However, what makes them so interesting to so many people, perhaps it does have a lot to do with what we are missing.

Arousing curiosity, connecting with the audience's interests, being attractive, using narratives that dazzle, arousing expectations, questioning realities, changing points of view about something, moving, inspiring a way of life, posing challenges, are, among others, some of the actions that provoke those five trending topic of 2017. And aren't these actions one hundred percent evangelical? Perhaps we have left the Holy Spirit aside. We have stopped believing that with his strength we can turn the world around. Perhaps we lack conversion, prayer, trust. But we have the responsibility before God to leave an evangelical mark in this digital world.

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