Grilex, from vacuum to kenosis

Grilex is a famous rap singer who has dared to be different, to go against the current and be free.

January 5, 2024-Reading time: 2 minutes

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I invite you to meet Grilex. He is a famous and different rap singer. He heard a young girl say: "I want you to know that thanks to a song of yours I have not committed suicide".

Wow, this surprised the young musician and defined the definitive direction for his compositions.

It was not always like that. In order to sign with his label, he initially produced violent, insolent, aggressive lyrics with which he had great success, but an existential void reigned in the depths of his heart. 

He met a girl with whom he had a deep conversation and was happy to talk like this. At the end, she wanted to give him an opinion about his lyrics, Grilex was very interested of course, he expected her to congratulate him without further ado, but the phrase he heard marked him decidedly... She said: "what a pity that with the gift you have, you make such garbage".

For 7 months she was unable to write anything. She wondered what she was doing with her talents and decided to embrace faith (which her friend was introducing her to) and dedicate her work to God. 

Thanks to her and a group of young people doing apostolate in Spain, Grilex had a real encounter with God. A unique experience that allowed him to experience authentic love. We are all thirsty for love and our yearnings are filled to the full by letting ourselves be embraced by Our Good God.

Pope Francis has made many appeals to young people to live happiness in God's way, which is the way of love. He wrote to them: a better world is built thanks also to you, young people, to your desire for change and your generosity. Do not be afraid to listen to the Holy Spirit suggesting bold choices, do not delay when your conscience asks you to take the risk of following the Master. The Church also wants to hear your voice, your sensitivity, your faith; even your doubts and criticisms. May your cry be heard, may it resound in the communities and reach the pastors.

And he published in March 2019 a beautiful letter to young people entitled "Christus Vivit"Christ lives, our hope"... He is the most beautiful youth of this world. Everything He touches becomes young, becomes new, becomes full of life. He lives and wants you alive!

You young people are the present and the future of humanity. You will keep alive the faith that you will carry more than in words, in your skin. Grilex has dared to be different, to go against the current and be free. After learning about that girl who did not commit suicide because of the new lyrics she composed, he dedicated a new song to this girl and to all those who might have suicidal ideation, young people who are deeply sad, with low self-esteem, with anorexia problems or any other kind of problems because they do not feel loved and accepted. Only God has the answers that today's young people need. The letters of gratitude he receives are abundant.

It is up to you to carry the essence of the Gospel in the language of the 21st century. Grilex invites us not to be afraid to be heroes of love.

Get to know him and be inspired by his testimony. Become a light for other young people today.

The authorLupita Venegas

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