Pope calls for "creative courage" from families

December 30, 2021-Reading time: 2 minutes
Family on the beach.

The family is a key element, situated at the nucleus of the originator of healthy persons and societies, and at the heart of a living Church. Hence, social tensions and crises of all kinds always end up manifesting themselves in the family, or, conversely, the processes that test the stability of society begin in the family.

This is very clearly the case today in relation to the family as such, devalued and subjected to pressures that distort it, as well as for each family in particular. 

Pope Francis follows the course of families with attention and interest and, in the context of the year dedicated to the family "Amoris laetitia", he has published (precisely on the Solemnity of the Holy Family, December 26) a letter addressed to all the families of the world. It is offered as a "Christmas gift for you, the spouses: an encouragement, a sign of closeness and also an opportunity to meditate.".

The text is characterized, among other features that could be mentioned, by its closeness to the royal families, which is a demonstration of a continuous and not sporadic attention or due to a particular conjunctural situation. One of the expressions of this closeness is the language used, which is easily understandable, and the choice of a length that is accessible to all recipients.

Together with them goes the practical sense with which he shows a good knowledge of the situations and challenges of families; with them he reviews aspects of everyday life and suggests keys, sometimes small but effective, to articulate the gift of one to another in the context of daily family life. On this basis, he reviews the difficulties and opportunities opened up by the pandemic, the work and economic problems, especially of many young families, the challenges involved in courtship, the role of mature marriages, and the contribution of grandparents.

A second feature is the emphasis on stressing that Christian spouses are not alone: God always accompanies them, both at advantageous crossroads and in times of difficulty. This is a conviction that results from Christian faith. From it we know "that God is in us, with us and among us: in the family, in the neighborhood, in the place of work or study, in the city we live in.".

Marriage itself, a great and not always easy journey, is linked, as a true vocation that makes spouses one with each other and with Jesus, to the certainty that "God accompanies you, he loves you unconditionally - you are not alone!"

On this basis, families will be able to make a valuable contribution to society and to the Church. The Pope encourages them, therefore, to act with "creative courage" both in the Church and in their communities, as well as in determining the general direction of mankind, where they have a "creative courage". "the mission to transform society through its presence in the world of work and to ensure that the needs of families are taken into account.".

It is therefore desirable that this letter reaches many families who will use it, in effect, as an opportunity for meditation.

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