Dear Equis

May 9, 2018-Reading time: 2 minutes

The author reflects on the position of some people in the digital world. About how these users are "corseted" in a single thought and do not want to reflect on other ways of seeing the world.

Álvaro Sánchez León - Journalist

Dear friend, you don't get past the book covers:

I am glad to hear from you from time to time, even if you come back with the shotgun of your deafness loaded. How are you? Are you still so comfortable in the past between longings and wishes that twist your gestures into gray? Take courage to discover the beauty of our times, to step on the same street as everyone else, to cure yourself of that allergy to reality and that fear of futures that are not as your scholastic manuals say they are.

I remember you often when I read the comments in the digital press. I imagine you disguised behind a pseudonym pouring gasoline.

You know, there is such an exciting world outside your schemes that I feel sorry for you to miss it. After all, we are friends and I'd rather not have friends who are bitter about the impossibility of saving the planet from all the evils that your medicine cabinet attacks. You know where I'm going and I know where you come from.

Sometimes I wonder if the preceding milestones in your biography were that constricting or if you didn't understand them well. We'll talk about it over drinks, if you don't mind putting a gin and tonic between our ways of thinking.

Do you still see everything new as a provocation? Do you maintain this obsession with reading only people who think like you? Maybe your world is more Matrix than you think when you look out the window between the blinds of your mature and demoralizing pessimism.

I hear the ironies with which you communicate with the world. Have you thought of writing a self-help book to pull us all out of the pit of this adolescent optimism that you judge as a frivolous philosophy of escapism?

How many people have you sent to the wall today? Do you continue to steer the ship with the remote control of your fragile responsibility?

I don't blame you. I understand you. That's why I'm writing to you.

See you whenever you want. Huge hug and happy spring, my friend.

The authorOmnes

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