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If there is one thing I have realized, it is that, indeed, prayer makes us family. It makes us family in God.

December 28, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes

A few years ago, Miguel Ángel Robles published in ABC an anthological article titled Pray for me. That article is still one of those that continue to mark my professional and personal scheme. I have not finished writing these lines when the second part of this article arrives to my hands.

In these days, I can say that I have experienced firsthand those words that Robles glossed: "Praying does not work miracles, or it does, we will never know, but it offers comfort to the one who prays and to the one for whom he prays. Praying is never useless, because it always comforts".

Like many in Madrid, a few days ago, in the midst of Christmas carols and lotteries, we received the freezing news of the accident in which two young brothers lost their lives. They were good sons, friends of their friends and friends of God. Perhaps we did not know them, but they were close.

Along with the sad information, his family, believers, asked us to pray. I passed on the request to those I knew and also, almost without thinking, I asked for prayers through a social network: to pray for them, for their family..., in the end, for everyone. Because, if there is one thing I have realized thanks to the thousands, yes, I have, thousandsThe message of the people who raised a, perhaps small, prayer for them, is that, indeed, prayer makes us family. It makes us family in God.

It's not that Diego and Alex "could be" my brothers, it is that were my brothers..., and my cousins and my uncles, and my friends. They were you and they were me.

I realized that there are many more good people than we sometimes think. Those thousands of unknown people, from places unknown to many of us, Christians and of other denominations, dedicated a moment of their lives not only to think, but to pray, for those children, for that mother and father, for those brothers and sisters and friends.

I don't know about you, but I, who believe in what they call the Communion of Saints, have had the good fortune to experience it in its most authentic version 3.0.

I will keep asking for prayers. For sure. I don't know if on one side or the other; if in the street or on the net, by smoke signals or with a song. I will continue asking for prayers without complexes and setting alarms on my cell phone to pray for those who ask for it because, with prayer, with that putting ourselves before a God whom, perhaps sometimes we do not understand, you and I will always be better.

The authorMaria José Atienza

Editor-in-Chief at Omnes. Degree in Communication, with more than 15 years of experience in Church communication. She has collaborated in media such as COPE or RNE.

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