The disenchantment of the world

January 25, 2021-Reading time: < 1 minute

"Disenchantment of the world" is a famous expression of the sociologist Max Weber, which even deserves a Wikipedia page. Modern reason has expelled the irrational from the world, magic and the gods. And Christianity rightly prides itself on having contributed to a healthy disenchantment, having clearly distinguished God from the world.

The forces of the world are only natural, unmixed with the supernatural. There is no place for magic, the search for dialogue and handling of occult forces. Although God can act wherever he wants.

However, it is evident that today's culture, having removed the true God and sought a natural, materialistic (and previously Marxist) explanation for everything, has gone too far. That is why false charms of soothsayers and reincarnations and guides enter through the back door.

As Chesterton said, he who does not believe in God is liable to believe in anything. The Christian mission of restoring to life the true charm of the mystery of God, of his Word, of his Liturgy, of his presence, of his salvation, is urgent. Our life needs charm, but true charm. 

The authorJuan Luis Lorda

Professor of Theology and Director of the Department of Systematic Theology at the University of Navarra. Author of numerous books on theology and spiritual life.

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