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The sixteen types of family that the ideologized law on families that is to be implemented in Spain intends to "establish" only evidence the genuineness and authenticity of the only family capable of fully bearing that name.

January 23, 2023-Reading time: 2 minutes

The preliminary draft of Family Law of Minister Belarra announces new drums of war.

So much is the "cante" that even the most ideological government of our recent democratic history is realizing that this is not the time to take it to parliament.

A pre-electoral period plagued with clouds of uncertainty for this executive is approaching. There is no need to add fuel to the fire that is already burning -and abundantly- after the approval, without any kind of social debate, of laws such as the euthanasiathe expansion of the abortionor the botched "only yes is yes" law. 

I have always liked to try to make a positive reading of everything that falls into my hands. In the same way that a painting full of shadows makes it possible to see a figure full of light much more clearly, the occurrences of this preliminary project do nothing more than shed light on the only family that is a family in its entirety.

No matter how hard they try to invent a multitude of types family members - more and more are appearing: up to 16, it seems to have reached distill Belarra's ideological laboratory-, are still unable to prevent everyone from having the natural family as the only possible reference. That is to say, a woman, a man and the children that can only come from the union of both.

All the rest are mere imitations built in the image and likeness of that single model. And the types The only thing that will be invented in the future will be to highlight the genuineness and authenticity of the only family capable of carrying that name to the fullest. 

They try to make us believe that forming a family is like going to the supermarket or a department store and choosing the model we want. The reality is that no one chooses a priori to form a family. type family. And also that no family is perfect.

That is why the appearance of diversity - much smaller than what the apprentice social engineer glimpses - is nothing more than the manifestation of human imperfection and our increasing limitation to truly love. 

Instead of shutting themselves up in their ideological darkroom It would be much more useful to society if our rulers were capable of observing reality.

What they would see are the millions of Spanish families who every day strive to do their best to support and care for their families.

And what they all expect and deserve is help from the State to meet their real needs: educating their children and caring for their elders. Let them take note, for next time, of the laboratory's scholarship recipients.

The authorMontserrat Gas Aixendri

Professor at the Faculty of Law of the International University of Catalonia and director of the Institute for Advanced Family Studies. She directs the Chair on Intergenerational Solidarity in the Family (IsFamily Santander Chair) and the Childcare and Family Policies Chair of the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation. She is also Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law at UIC Barcelona.

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