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In the midst of this tangle of attempts to buy happiness, the priests end up coming across some "X-File: unclassifiable phenomena in a strictly corporeal or earthly way. 

Manuel Blanco-March 5, 2020-Reading time: 3 minutes

In a deeply materialistic and consumerist era, human beings long for spiritual and moral values. He would like to feel part of a healthy family, but something very different springs spontaneously from the infected depths of the "ego": confrontation, loneliness, competition, outrage, envy... Chesterton maintained that "when you stop believing in God, you immediately believe in anything".. But, even while maintaining faith, a supernatural cloud of "respect" and bewilderment settles over the earth. Without fear, for Christ has conquered and accompanies us.

Years ago, a priest witnessed a curious episode. During a meeting of young people, someone decided to play a game that he considered "funny": a representation of good versus evil; angels good vs. angels The idea was to use fear as entertainment in the manner of a horror movie. He recounted how, a few hours later, he had to leave the prevailing hullabaloo because he felt ill: tenths of a fever; diarrhea; creaking wood in the attic of his room... The gathering had to be suspended due to a stomach virus that affected the whole group. The health center diagnosed it clearly; but over that day hovered the shadow of the ancestral advice: "there are some things you can't play with".

"D. Remigio, strange things have been happening in my house for a few days...". The priest is not an expert in paranormal phenomena, nor has he taken exorcist courses with the famous Father Amorth. But he is a pastor and comes to the distress of any parishioner. "I don't understand this, my son. But how about praying together a little? It can't do any harm. It was a question of strange noises, events with a "jinx" aspect that the head of the family perceived. D. Remigio asked them some specific questions because he knew the person who was asking for his help: a sensible guy, incapable of inventing strange things or easy credulities. "Have you participated in complicated games of Ouija, astral cards, witches...?".

At first, it seemed a strange question, without foundation. But then someone spoke up: "Look, Mr. Remigio, it could be...". The eldest son explained that, a few days ago, he had been angry with a friend of his and, now, she kept threatening him: "I told my mother, who knows about witchcraft". "You're going to find out." "We will hurt you." Besides criticizing them all over town, they could be doing "something else...". Remigio was a little frightened; just enough to take a first step in the Lord's arms. He summoned everyone in the house to pray. They would use the text of a family prayer of blessing that he practiced assiduously in the parish. If he perceived a major complication, he would inform his superiors. They prayed. Simple, but concentrated (God also uses these circumstances to remind and acknowledge Him). A few days later, the person who came to Fr. Remigio telephoned him: "Everything has been fine since you were at home. That same night, Mom slept soundly. She is much calmer. At work, like silk...".

Shortly before dinner, during an epic winter night in the north of Spain (constant rain, damp cold, intense darkness...), they phoned the priest: "You're going to call me crazy, Father Nicomedes. But we have been at home for some strange days and we have not been able to get up; my husband and I are overwhelmed... I am afraid for the children... If you could come this way...". This was a family that had been entrusted by the parish to prepare the Eucharistic worship. They instructed people to receive the sacraments; they taught them to pray in an authentic way; they fostered affection for the Blessed Virgin... From this, Mr. Nicomedes deduced that, whether the diabolical activity was visible or not, the basement tenant He could feel somewhat annoyed with the functions performed by this family. He left for that house. On the way he thought that, if the movies were true, he would not return home that night, crushed by some tree while driving, to the cadenced beat of the windshield wiper; or electrocuted by an errant high-voltage wire. Although he knew that the Jesus "hidden under the priest" wishes to accompany the troubled; casting out demons and ghosts; restoring nerves; forgiving; bringing peace. With faith and common sense. Nicomedes picked up the Blessed Sacrament to "escort" him on the visit. They prayed together. He had a quick sandwich for dinner and left. He arrived home safe and sound; everyone slept peacefully.

The famous Galician saying goes: "I do not believe in the meigas (witches) but, there are some, there are some...". God adorned the presbyter with the powers of her Beloved Son. So that, in a simple and effective way, he may drown evil in an abundance of good.

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