Young people celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with a concert

On April 6, a concert will be held to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. The event will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid.    

Loreto Rios-March 31, 2024-Reading time: 2 minutes

Poster of the 2nd Resurrection Festival

For the second consecutive year, the Catholic Association of Propagandists organizes the Resurrection Festival, a macro-concert with an important line-up of guest artists. The first edition, which took place in 2023, gathered more than 60,000 attendees, much more than expected.

"We can only conclude that the balance since last year has been very positive," Pablo Velasco, communications secretary of the Catholic Association of Propagandists, told Omnes. "It was a very special event and we had never organized anything like it. We had an enormous degree of uncertainty due to our inexperience. What we did know was that what we wanted was to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord in the center of Madrid and invite anyone who wanted to participate to that joy."

The idea of convening this concert arose, he adds, to celebrate the Christian joy of the resurrection, and it is an initiative that "responds to the very essence of the Catholic Association of Propagandists. Our charism lies in the presence of Christ in public life. The purpose of the feast of the Resurrection is basically to celebrate the most important event in history".

This event seems to be "here to stay", as Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza, president of the Catholic Association of Propagandists, recently affirmed. This year, the concert of the II Feast of the Resurrection is scheduled for April 6 at 6:30 pm at Plaza Cibeles in Madrid, and will feature, among others, the group Modestia Aparte, Marilia (who was a member of the well-known musical duo Ella Baila Sola), Father Guilherme (the priest DJ of the WYD in Portugal), DJ El Pulpo, Hakuna, Juan Peña y Esténez (Guillermo Esteban, formerly Grílex).

Also participating in the event will be the Christian group HTB WorshipThe resurrection is a feast shared by all Christian denominations and the intention is that all Christians can celebrate it together. However, not only believers are invited to this concert, but everyone who wants to attend: "It is a celebration open to everyone. Precisely this feature is essential for all Catholics," says Pablo Velasco.

Because, as Marilia, former member of the musical group Ella Baila Sola, recently commented about this event, music "unites everyone", regardless of one's beliefs, and "love is above all".

Guillermo Esteban was of the same opinion, who stated at the press conference promoting this event that "things with love work", while Hakuna pointed out that music "goes from heart to heart", so it is not necessary to share the same beliefs to enjoy it.

Therefore, this celebration, says Pablo Velasco, is "an opportunity to celebrate, to share this great joy. It is also a good time to invite friends and a good occasion to spark important conversations." "Seeing how it went last year, I wouldn't miss it," he concludes.

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