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Pope to young people: "Look above all with the heart".

Pope Francis has issued a message to young people for World Youth Day to be held the first week of August.

Paloma López Campos-January 20, 2023-Reading time: < 1 minute

Young people raising the Cross

Pope Francis has recorded a video with a message for all those young people who will attend World Youth Day this August in Lisbon. The Holy Father emphasizes with surprise the 40,000 young people who have already registered and shows joy for it. About the participants, Francis says: "the young people who come are because, deep down, they are thirsty to participate, to share, to share their experience and to receive the experience of others. He thirsts for horizons".

The Pope invites us "in this meeting, on this Day, to learn to always look to the horizon, to always look beyond. Do not erect a wall in front of your life. Walls close you in, the horizon makes you grow. Always look at the horizon with your eyes, but look above all with your heart. heartbeat".

The Holy Father concludes his message with a brief blessing: "May God bless you, and may the Virgin watch over you. Pray for me, I pray for you. And don't forget: no walls, yes horizons".

Here is the Pope's full message to young people:

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