Time to take faith seriously

After a year of pandemic, we continue to ask ourselves if faith can help people to live with more peace and balance in situations such as the one society is going through.

June 1, 2021-Reading time: 2 minutes

It seems that the most difficult moments are always the ones that expose the authenticity of our deepest fundamental choices. We were accustomed to planning ahead, to having assurances in external things, to enjoying friends and loved ones whenever we wanted, to being spontaneous, etc. This past year has shaken everything up and made it clear what we were putting our assurances and hopes in. Those who already had a deep faith have had it better. Others have had to rethink many things. And many have been depressed, hopeless, bitter, overwhelmed by the situation. 

What makes some people experience the same circumstances one way and others differently? Some studies point to the meaning of life. Our ways of living our faith make us maintain peace and balance or not. The question is whether our religiosity is only tradition and compliance or whether it is experience and conviction. In the former, faith is usually placed in external practices without a commitment to the Gospel since there has been no personal experience of God. On the other hand, in the second mode, the person lives decentered from himself, has understood and interiorized well the mystery of God's Love. This leads to a much deeper faith that engages with others and affects the way of living in society. This faith gives reasons for hope and the experience of positive emotions in the midst of any situation.

In this sense, we should not forget that the best gift we can give our children is the experience of a committed faith. The future post-pandemic world will not be easy. Our planet is deteriorating, the economy we have known until now is beginning to change, globalization is accentuating positive but also negative realities. And our present children and young people will not have it easy.

Strength, resilience, emotional and communication skills will be part of the best inheritance we can leave.

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