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Pope to WYD host families: "Young people are going to universalize their gaze".

The Holy See and the organizing committee of the Lisbon 2023 World Youth Day have released a short video addressed to families who will host one or more of these pilgrims in their homes.

Maria José Atienza-January 25, 2023-Reading time: < 1 minute

With a little less than 7 months to go before the start of the World Youth Day which will bring together in Lisbon to hundreds of thousands of young people, Pope Francis addresses, on this occasion, the families who, during these days, will welcome in their homes young pilgrims of other nationalities.

In the video, the Pope points out that the arrival of these young people will, in a certain way, revolutionize homes. "In bourgeois terms, we would say, they are going to be a discomfort," notes the Pope who, however, adds, "they are going to leave the seed of another point of view, they are going to relativize them in so many things that they see themselves safe and see that they can do or live in another way."

In the video, which is only two minutes long, the Pope thanks the generosity of these host families who "not only do it to serve, but also to open themselves to another way of seeing life". The young people who will spend these days in his home, as if they were "his children or younger relatives, will universalize them," the Pope affirms, because the richest experiences of the young people are those of their own families. World Youth DaysThe most common experiences, on many occasions, are those that are lived in host families. With this gesture, "the universe will enter your home and will leave with its experience in other young people. This is called opening up to the horizon," concludes the Pope.

This message joins the previous video messages that Pope Francis has addressed to volunteers and participants in the upcoming World Youth Day.

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