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Tension in Congo: repression of Catholics on the rise

Omnes-February 2, 2018-Reading time: < 1 minute

High tension between the State and the Church in Congo. The police have violently repressed demonstrations of Catholics, and the Cardinal of Kinshasa has condemned the repression, which has hardened with a dozen priests and nuns arrested.

Text - Joseph Kabamba (Kinshasa)

In the 1960s, this song was sung in reference to white people who were made "tripe" in the independence revolts of Katanga, or in the civil wars until the peace of Mobutu. What is certain is that since June 30, 1960, the day of the independence of the Belgian Congo, our beloved country has not had a quiet year, in spite of its mineral wealth or because of it.

In his Christmas message, the Holy Father often speaks of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Catholic country of Africa! Pope Francis follows with attention a political evolution that prevents him from traveling, as he would wish, to be with us.

On the 24th, he regretted the "troubling news" that came to him, and encouraged him to avoid "all forms of violence". Indeed, on Sunday 21, the Congolese police sowed panic at the exit of Mass in the cathedral, charged Catholics and arrested several priests and nuns.

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