Seville hosts the Expovida exhibition

Omnes-June 17, 2016-Reading time: < 1 minute

During these days, an exhibition can be visited in the capital of Seville that dismantles, with images, the main arguments of those who justify abortion.

– Rafael Ruiz Morales

On May 13, the feast of the Virgin of Fatima, the Valentín de Madariaga Foundation, in Seville, hosted the inauguration of the Expovidaan itinerant exhibition promoted and supported by the organization Right to Live which will remain open to the public until June 13.

Before a good number of participants, Dr. Gador Joya kicked off with a reflection on the current situation of the right to life in Spain, subtly framed in the current pre-electoral period.

The exhibition has been arranged in the privileged setting of the main courtyard of what was the U.S. pavilion during the 1929 World's Fair, around which the elements that make up the exhibition are located.

The eight life-size reproductions of the different stages of evolution of the fetus in the mother's womb are striking, making visible and tangible a reality that, beyond opinions and going beyond any ideological positioning, has an entity of its own. Together with these, an interesting discourse, mainly graphic, opens with the compilation of scientific data related to the gestation of the human being, after which, under the epigraph "The other holocaust", reveals the stark techniques employed in the elimination of human life through the practice of abortion.

It continues to show the silenced physical and psychopathological consequences suffered by women subjected to this intervention.

The exhibition sends a resounding message: the woman, the mother, must be a death penalty-free zone.

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