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Pope strengthens Christian Egypt. Some challenges for African Catholics

Omnes-May 3, 2017-Reading time: < 1 minute

Pope Francis has denounced in Egypt "any attempt to justify any form of hatred in the name of religion, and has promoted ecumenical and interreligious dialogue with Muslims and Orthodox Christians. As a result of this trip, Palabra has published an extensive report on some of the challenges facing Catholics in Africa.

-Edward Diez-Caballero, Nairobi (Kenya)

Joseph Pich, Johannesburg (South Africa)

"Mina was only 25 years old. She went, like any other Sunday, to pray in church and met her death." This is the testimony of Shahib, Mina's cousin, following the terrorist attack that has bloodied two churches in Egypt.

One of the witnesses to the attacks, Hoda Mikhail, said he did not understand how this could happen. Here in Egypt, "Muslims and Christians are brothers. Terrorism will not achieve its goals." collected El Mundo.

Palm Sunday was celebrated all over the world, but in Egypt it became Good Friday. Christians from St. Mark's Church in Alexandria and St. George's Church in Tanta, 90 kilometers north of Cairo, were martyred in the middle of Holy Week.

The inhabitants of these two cities will take time to forget this attack that undermines the pleasant coexistence in this African country.

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