"The Night of the 24th". A musical about Christmas

In the midst of so many Christmas offerings, it is worth mentioning the musical The night of the 24thcreated by actor and screenwriter Javier Lorenzo with the contribution of Benjamín Lorenzo and Álvaro Galindo.

Javier Segura-December 6, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes
night 24

Photo: Scene from the musical "La Noche del 24".

The story is known... or not. Because the true origin of Christmas is increasingly blurred in our secularized society.

Perhaps this is the first and great value of this musical. To recover and show with a current air, fresh and naive at the same time, the authentic origin of Christmas.

The night of the 24th tells the story of the birth of Jesus through the eyes of Aaron, who has been appointed officer of King Herod's guard and has been entrusted with the mission of finding the impostor child posing as the Messiah.

To do so, he must interrogate the witnesses of that strange event that took place on the night of the 24th. All the witnesses will agree that the child has changed their lives forever.

night 24 musical

But neither Zebulun, a goofy shepherd boy who claims to have seen angels, nor the innkeepers, who try to explain to him that the inn was full and that the Romans were to blame for everything, know anything about the whereabouts of the boy and his parents.

A madman who claims to be the angel Gabriel, the donkey Moreno, more stubborn than Balaan's donkey, and the very Star of the East with all her glamour and diva airs, are not much help either.

Things get complicated when his wife, Judith, appears as the next witness.

Aaron fears for her life, but she cannot deny what she has seen: the God of hosts, Yahweh Sebaoth, made a helpless child out of love. Aaron must soon find the false Messiah before Herod's evil advisors discover that his wife is one of the rebels.

This is the starting point of this family-friendly musical comedy about the Mystery of Christmas and its true meaning.

Stars crossing the firmament, angels, magicians and fierce soldiers, songs, dances, tenderness and a lot of humor to tell the story of that first Christmas, that strange and wonderful event in which Heaven came down to Earth.

Ninety minutes in which there is time for humor, for tenderness, in agile and witty dialogues, and a strong message, very well woven with a story that engages.

A script that has, in its simplicity, a great theological load, adapted to all audiences. A truly entertaining story that is equally enjoyable for children and adults who are capable of becoming children again.

To see it you have to move, as in the first Christmas, to a town near the big city, specifically to Torrelodones, to the Fernández-Baldor Theater.

As shepherds, we can go there with the whole family and show our children the event that split history in two.

The night of the 24th is a brilliant attempt to rescue the message of Christmas.

It is in these endearing celebrations, which are rooted in our Christian culture, that we must know how to show the perennial relevance of the Gospel in today's language.

Something that, without a doubt, this musical does prodigiously.

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