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A monument to mercy in every diocese as a reminder of the Jubilee

Giovanni Tridente-May 13, 2016-Reading time: 2 minutes

A "monument" to mercy in every diocese, as a living reminder of the Jubilee: Pope Francis entrusted this desire to the faithful at the end of the Prayer Vigil with the followers of the spirituality of Divine Mercy, celebrated on April 2 on the sagrato of St. Peter's Basilica. 

 Giovanni Tridente, Rome

The idea, to be specified with the bishops, is to build, where possible, structural works where mercy is lived, such as a hospital, a home for the elderly, a family home for abandoned children, a school where necessary, a community for the recovery of drug addicts... as a concrete initiative and sign of the Holy Year.

The Holy Father himself, in his address to the Vigil, spoke of the fact that God never tires of expressing his mercy, "and we should never get used to receiving it, seeking it and desiring it.". A very fruitful circumstance was this year's celebration, since it coincided with the eleventh anniversary of the birth to heaven of St. John Paul II, who as Pope instituted "Divine Mercy Sunday" in fulfillment of a request of St. Faustina Kowalska.

Referring to "so many faces" that God assumes through his mercy, the Pope has spoken of the fact that "it's always something new that provokes awe and wonder.". Mercy, he added, expresses "above all God's closeness to his people."which "manifests itself primarily as help and protection." and therefore as an attitude of "tenderness": "a word almost forgotten and of which today the world - all of us - need".. Certainly, the ease with which it is possible to speak of mercy corresponds to a more committed requirement for "to be witnesses of that mercy in the concrete"..

Among the other faces of mercy, the Holy Father also emphasized compassion and sharing. "as compassion and communication": "Whoever receives it the most, the more he is called to offer it, to communicate it; it cannot be kept hidden or retained only for himself.". On the other hand, "knows how to look into the eyes of each person".which is precious to him because it is unique. This merciful dynamism is also something that "can never leave us alone"but what not to be afraid of.

During the Holy Mass celebrated the following day on the sagrato of St. Peter's Basilica, Francis has invited the faithful to "read and reread" the Gospel, "book of God's mercy."which remains open and in which everyone will have to continue to write "the signs of Christ's disciples, concrete gestures of love, which are the best testimony of mercy".. The Pope has invited us to be cautious in our daily life. "inner struggle between the closed heart and the call of love to open the closed doors and to come out of ourselves.". In this regard, we should look to the example of Christ, who, after having passed through "the closed doors of sin, death and hell, he also wishes to enter into each one to open wide the closed doors of the heart.".

"Many people are asking to be heard and understood."added the Holy Father. For this reason "the Gospel of mercy, to proclaim it and write it in life." you need "people with patient and open hearts", so many "'good Samaritans' who know compassion and silence before the mystery of the brother and sister; he asks for generous and joyful servants who love freely without expecting anything in return.".

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