Jacques Philippe to speak at the next Omnes Forum

The priest and well-known author of works on spirituality, Jacques Philippe, is the guest of the next Forum organized by Omnes, which will take place next Wednesday.

Maria José Atienza-May 6, 2021-Reading time: < 1 minute

Photo: Jacques Philippe

The presence or absence of God, prayer, or questions that have arisen in the life of every person during the pandemic, such as the meaning of suffering, will be some of the points around which this meeting with one of the most important authors of spirituality in our society today will revolve.

The forum, which will be broadcasted by Youtube will take place on Wednesday, May 12, starting at 7:30 p.m. on the Omnes live channel.

Jacques Philippe

Jacques Philippe, a native of Metz, is the author of numerous books on the spiritual life, including titles such as "Inner Freedom", "Time for God" and "The Spiritual Fatherhood of the Priest".

A member of the Community of the Beatitudes, after living in the Holy Land for a few years, studying Hebrew and the Jewish roots of Christianity, he moved to Rome where he was responsible for the new foundation of the Community in Rome and studied Theology and Canon Law.

A priest since 1985, his current work focuses on spiritual formation, both in his community and through his works, distributed throughout the world.

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