"Illuminare, the mission magazine celebrates its 100th anniversary

The dean of the publications of the Pontifical Mission Societies of Spain celebrates its first centenary on January 31.

Maria José Atienza-January 28, 2022-Reading time: < 1 minute

Illumiinare covers ©OMP

Illuminare was born on January 31, 1923, when the Bulletin of the Missionary Union of the Clergy of Spain, which changed its name four years later, in 1927, began to be published in Burgos. One hundred years of "accompanying the mission, the missionaries and missionary animation in Spain" as highlighted by the Pontifical Mission Societies.

Illuminare currently launches three issues a year: in January, April and October, coinciding with the days of the Propagation of the Faith (Domund), Holy Childhood (Missionary Childhood) and St. Peter the Apostle (Native Vocations). There are more than 20,000 copies, which are also supported by a wide projection through the OMP website.

"Illuminare has gone through different stages during all these years of life," explains its director, Rafael Santos, "but it has always tried to help those responsible for missionary animation to live the mission passionately and motivate us all to live it this way. In fact, lluminare's main raison d'être is to support the campaigns of these works and to help priests, religious and other pastoral agents in the preparation and setting of mission-related events.

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