Siena Educación organizes the First Ibero-American Meeting of Humanities Teachers

This weekend, May 6 and 7, the I Ibero-American Meeting of Humanities Teachers will take place at the CaixaForum (Madrid).

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Siena Humanities

Poster of the 1st Ibero-American Meeting of Humanities Teachers

The event will be attended by writer Fernando Savater, Carmen Iglesias, director of the Royal Academy of History, mathematician Andreas Schleicher, psychologist Javier Urra, writer Isabel San Sebastián and the head of Telefónica's artificial intelligence strategy, Richard Benjamins, among others.

There will also be space for youtubers from the educational field, such as José Antonio Lucero (The cradle of Halicarnassus), Enric F. Gel (Addicted to Philosophy), Rosa LiarteDaniel Rosende (Unboxing Philosophy) or Carlos González (History in comments).

Claiming a humanistic education

"In times of supremacy of STEM and digital skills, it is even more necessary to strengthen the humanistic skills of students; skills that, as a compass, guide them in a world marked by uncertainty, ambiguity and liquid thinking," says José María de MoyaSiena Educación's general manager.

"The goal is to turn this meeting into a permanent space for training, best practices and innovation in the Humanities," explains De Moya, for whom "teachers of humanities subjects are key agents for the development of intellectual maturity and the students' capacity for critical judgment."

Objectives of the meeting

The event is dedicated to Spanish-speaking teachers of Philosophy, History and Religion and the objective is to promote initiatives in favor of the teaching of Humanities. As indicated on its website, it has the following purposes:

-To highlight the value of humanistic knowledge to public opinion in these times marked by uncertainty and technological advances.

-Recognize the usefulness and the need to integrate the humanities in the digital transformation of the classroom.

-To demand a humanist education within school curricula that offers a complete, transversal and integral education to students.

-To promote Humanities subjects and their teachers as key agents for the development of students' intellectual maturity and capacity for critical judgment.

-To create a space for relationships, innovation and best practices for teachers of humanities subjects in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Tickets for the event

The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. on May 6. Tickets can be purchased through the webThe event is promoted by Siena Educación, a communication agency in the field of education. The event is promoted by Siena Educación, a communications agency in the educational field, which publishes the magazines Magisterio y Nursery School.

At the meeting, which has the collaboration of Puy du Fou and Vicens Vives, the Haz Apasionantes tus Clases de Historia Awards, which inaugurate their first edition this year, will be presented.

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