Final stretch of the Diocesan Plan of Evangelization in Madrid

Omnes-December 5, 2017-Reading time: < 1 minute

The Archdiocese of Madrid launched, at the urging of Archbishop Cardinal Carlos Osoro, an ambitious Diocesan Plan of Evangelization, which has now entered its third and final year.

Javier Peño

The Diocesan Plan of Evangelization that the Archdiocese of Madrid began at the end of 2015 faces its third and final year with the hope that all the work done can be translated into a real boost to the Christian life of the faithful of the Church on pilgrimage in Madrid.

The Archbishop, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, has been in charge of going personally to each of the eight vicariates that make up the archdiocese of Madrid to present the main lines of work for this new exercise, which is based, naturally, on the balance of what has been done and achieved thanks to prayer and study in the previous exercises.

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