The story of Carlo Acutis, this month's movie recommendation

"The Heartbeat of Heaven" and "The Offer" are this month's recommendations for viewing at the cinema or on audiovisual platforms.

Patricio Sánchez-Jáuregui-December 11, 2023-Reading time: < 1 minute
carlo acutis

Carlo Acutis was a young Italian Catholic and web designer, best known for documenting Eucharistic miracles and approved Marian apparitions around the world and cataloging them on a website he created before his early death from leukemia.

The heartbeat of the sky

Director: José María Zavala and Borja Zavala
PhotographyMiguel Gilaberte
Music: Luis Mas
Platform: Cinemas

"The Heartbeat of Heaven" is a documentary about his life and work. A compendium that takes us into his universe by interviewing his family, his parish priest and the people he changed throughout his life, such as the Indian Rajesh Mohur, a member of a Brahmin priestly caste who embraced Catholicism thanks to the daily example of the Italian Blessed.

Carlo, an apostle of the Eucharist, dedicated entire years of his short life to researching Eucharistic miracles throughout the world.

The Zavala brothers travel around the world to follow his trail and provide extensive unpublished material, spinning documentary with animated fiction. From recordings of Carlo Acutis himself in his original voice, to recreations of his life and Eucharistic miracles.

The Offer

The anecdotes surrounding the filming of "The Godfather" have always delighted cinephiles and agnostics. The conflict with the mafia, Frank Sinatra's boycott, managing to put feet to the project with a talented crew and a meager budget...; That's what it's all about. The Offer.

The offer

CreatorMichael Tolkin
Actors: Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Dan Fogler, Burn Gorman, Colin Hanks, Giovanni Ribisi, Juno Temple
Platform: Sky Showtime and Paramount +

A closed series of the never-before-revealed experiences of its producer, Albert S. Ruddy. 10 chapters that one can devour enjoying the story, the dialogues, the performances, the costumes....;

An award-winning creation that has galvanized opinions, and whose followers - including myself - recommend it to anyone who will listen. This is a carefully crafted series. A love letter to cinema.

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