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Pope visited drug addicts in secret

It has not appeared much in the international press, but this detail of the Pope making a surprise visit to a center for drug addicts has been echoed in the Canadian media.

Fernando Emilio Mignone-August 5, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes

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Like Omnes reported Francis had a clear Canadian message. "In the face of ideologies that threaten peoples by trying to erase their history and traditions, the Church feels challenged and does not want to repeat mistakes. Its mission in the world is to proclaim the Gospel and to build up the unit respecting and valuing the diversity of each people and each person. For this mission, a key pairing is the relationship between seniors y young peoplea dialogue between memory y prophecy that can build a more fraternal and supportive world." These words were spoken by Pope Francis at the hearing of the Paul VI Hall on August 3.

In continuity with that message, Francis always asks not to be afraid of tenderness (homily of March 19, 2013 at the beginning of his Petrine ministry).

For me, tears came to my eyes when I read in Omnes about the santiagueña Mrs. Margarita. Well, what better coda than the one that follows, from the papal trip of July 24-29. 

Meeting drug addicts

"In the house of drug addicts in Québec," entitled Le DevoirOn July 30, the Montréal newspaper reported on Francis' secret visit to a home for drug addicts in the Beauport neighborhood (Québec City) after the July 28 Mass at the Basilica of Sainte Anne. 

Redemptorist André Morency, 73, a member of the same congregation in charge of the Basilica, founded the Fraternité Saint-Alphonse 30 years ago to care for drug addicts. 

About sixty people were able to greet the Holy Father, away from the cameras. Father Morency was on cloud nine. In addition to an icon of the Virgin and Child, the Pope gave him an envelope with twenty thousand Canadian dollars. 

Morency calls those who come to his fraternity the "nameless," people tormented by their demons, wounded by their past and often abandoned, adrift. "They have almost always known rejection and indifference. They have always been mocked with that attitude."

The Pope spent twenty minutes with them. Morency says that the Pope, when he got out of his car, had a huge smile and a radiant face. "During the official ceremonies, I sometimes found that he looked downcast. When he arrived here, it was quite the opposite: he was joking with us, he had light in his eyes."

"I still have chills." "Unbelievable!" comment two of those who greeted Francis. "The papal visit," reports Le Devoirhas allowed them to feel, pour une rare fois, taken into account."

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