Pablo Moreno, Famiplay 2020 Special Award

The director of "Un Dios Prohibido" or "Red de libertad" has won the recognition granted by the jury of the I edition of these Famiplay awards. In addition, it is now possible to vote among the proposals for the winner of the Audience Award.

Maria José Atienza-December 9, 2020-Reading time: 2 minutes

The jury has awarded the Famiplay 2020 Special Prize to Pablo Moreno for his constant dedication to directing and producing high quality films with solid Christian values.

Among his best known titles are "Luz de Soledad", "Red de libertad" and "Un Dios prohibido".

Through its production company, Contracorriente Producciones, and the Rodriwood initiative, which promotes the region of Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) as a natural film set, encouraging rural and business development in the area, Moreno is an example of entrepreneurship.

In addition to rewarding Pablo Moreno's career, this Special Award is intended to recognize the efforts made by the company to dissemination of Christian values and thus promote training and education through audiovisual language.

Voting period for the Audience Award is now open.

Along with the publication of this award, The voting period to choose the winner of the Audience Award opens today, a particular award granted directly by Internet and social network users through the website

After analyzing the more than 200 applications received, the Famiplay jury has selected the 5 finalists competing for the Audience Award:

  • Friday Coffee. It was born more than 12 years ago as a meeting of friends and today it has become a large group of mothers who, through talks and testimonies on Youtube and Instagram, share a coffee every Friday morning with the Virgin to continue falling in love every day with their families, their homes and life.
  • The 11pm rosary. Initiative transformed into a Youtube channel where more than 195,000 subscribers gather every night at 11 pm to pray the Holy Rosary live.
  • Bosco Films. Film distributor that looks for films of high artistic quality, with stories that defend human values and, thus, be that "forest" that brings freshness, gives back fresh air and reminds with each film what is really important.
  • Silver Foil. Project born with the illusion of sharing stories with values based on faith and charity, creating quality literature and promoting family reading through children's books, youth and family.
  • The Kerygma. Initiative that, after 20 years working in the jewelry industry, has made its own interpretation of the icon of the Virgin of Nazareth painted by Kiko Argüello in jewelry version, simplifying the image to the maximum and taking it to its essence.
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