Ascension.0: An Art Perspective on Spirituality

The O_Lumen space will host from January 15, 2021 the exhibition of the work of the sculptor Pablo Redondo Díez - Odnoder with a personal, different and stylized look of art towards spirituality.

Maria José Atienza-January 29, 2021-Reading time: < 1 minute

The exhibition, created by the sculptor Pablo Redondo which can be visited until February 28 at the space located at 141 Claudio Coello Street in Madrid, is based on the Ascension as a metaphor for the representation of the spiritual and earthly planes of the human being, and transferred to the mystical dimension of art.

Ascension.0 brings together pieces that reflect the romantic concept of the sublime, and that by combining spiritual energy and artistic narrative manage to produce in the viewer the sensation of infinity, eternity and mystery before contemplation.

A project that reflects this return of the spiritual in today's art sphere, of a profound process of resacralization of the aesthetic experience, which is in line with the objectives that the Dominicans have with this initiative.

The O_Lumen project

O_Lumen is an initiative launched by the Dominicans through which they offer activities that favor the encounter of the arts with the Christian faith and its cultural proposals. Through art, they aim to promote the social and humanizing dimension of the arts that promotes human rights, as well as to collaborate with emerging artists and promote artistic expressions linked to the Christian and Dominican tradition.

All this focused on the O_LUMEN space. An art room resulting from the integral rehabilitation of the church of Santo Domingo El Real, the work of the Dominican Francisco Coello de Portugal and in which some of the elements that give the place its personality as an area of expression for the Christian faith have been respected. 

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