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The "jihadists" and extermination. The Koran reduced to ideology

Omnes-August 28, 2017-Reading time: < 1 minute

Jihadism" is, in the author's opinion, the new sect of the "hashassins", similar to the one that existed in the 11th century. And the "jihadists" have turned the Koran into an exterminating ideology.

Manuel Cruz

Trying to understand modern "jihadism" may be an exercise in futility from our new Western mentality. But if instead of "jihadism", as is done in the vast majority of the media, we were to speak of the "Islamic sect of assassins", we could perhaps come closer, by means of more accurate language, to defining them and, therefore, to fighting them better. There was already in the 11th century another sect called the "hachassins", from which... full text for subscribers only. 

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