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Patricio Sánchez Jaúregui recommends new releases, classics, or content that you haven't yet seen at the movies or on your favorite platforms.

Patricio Sánchez-Jáuregui-June 2, 2023-Reading time: < 1 minutes

The story of a child suffering from hemophilia and the story of four Jamaican athletes are the film proposals for the month of June.



DirectorSamuele Rossi
ScriptRolando Colla, Josella Porto and Samuele Rossi
ActorsAndrea Arru, Loretta Goggi, Giorgia Wurth

Pino is a boy who suffers from hemophilia and lives confined to his home. Every day he
She looks out the window and sees the life she can't have. He wants to be free, but above all
everything wants to be normal. Encouraged by his desire to live, he decides to run away and
to embark on his own adventure, followed by his new friends.

This entertaining journey full of emotion and values serves as the perfect excuse for
to bring to the forefront the relationships family membersand freedom, confronting freedom and
responsibility in an era of extreme overprotectionism.

A coproduction of several European countries that arrives in Spain after
collect a good string of awards. Add your name to others
charismatic and endearing titles such as Stand by me, The Gooniesor the recent
family comedies by Santiago Segura.

Chosen for the triumph

Chosen for the triumph

Address: Jon Turteltaub
Script: Lynn Siefert, Michael Goldberg, Tommy Swerdlow, Michael Ritchie
Actors: John Candy, Leon, Doug E.Doug
MusicHans Zimmer

The true story of four Jamaican athletes who were denied their desire to
and created a bosley team. Without resources or
snow knowledge, former champion recruited as coach
American (John Candy).

Wacky, exhilarating and exciting, Chosen for the triumph is a
comedy of the 90's. For the whole family, it still enjoys a good acceptance today among
public and critical acclaim, and has become a love letter to all those who have been
who seek to fulfill their dreams. Sweet and inspirational, a good film for
any occasion

The authorPatricio Sánchez-Jáuregui

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