Catholic Adoration Music: International Overview

This time we leave Spain and look beyond our country, to approach the music and Catholic worship musicians internationally. We have a great journey to share and a great adventure, aware that there are many Catholic singers and we will not be able to mention them all.

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On this occasion we leave Spain and look beyond our country, to approach the music and the people of the country. catholic worship musicians internationally. We have a great journey to share and a great adventure, aware that there are so many Catholic singers that we will not be able to mention them all.

Great people have paved the way in this genre, enlightened by the Spirit, with a special anointing. anointing. We reconnect here with King David, with the Lord's anointed.

Dominican Republic

In this line we would like to open this journey with Jon Carlo, from Dominican Republic. It is said of Jon that "his parents didn't know what to do with their son." when he went to jail in the early 90s. Based in New York, they did not imagine in 1993 that, after a charismatic retreat, he would come out in love with Jesus Christ. In 2013 he made his presentation at the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, and in some moments, such as the Vigil with the Pope, also at the WYD in Panama (2019). Singer, composer and producer, Jon has 2 albums in his career: My greatest passion y You are strongerHe is also involved in other productions. Jon is very active in the Latino culture. He lives in Mc Allen, Texas.

Worship and praise have a woman's voice: Celines, also dominicanShe leaves us captivated with her soft voice. We are moved by her own words: "To give the best to God is not to give much, but to give with much love all that you have, even if it is little. When God inspired me with this Word, I was thinking of the offering of the poor widow (Mark 12:41-44). It seemed that this humble woman had given very little. However, Jesus knew that she had given with great love and generosity, ALL that she had. This was what touched his heart. Surely her offering went unnoticed by many, but not by Jesus. For, as the Word says, God does not look at what is seen. God looks at the heart (1 Samuel, 16-7)". Celinés gives us Jesus in her voice, with her capacity to welcome Him and give Him to us live with her charisma of adoration and praise. We would like to mention her presence in Open sky, one of the most important worship gatherings, which brings together a multitude of singers in Mexico. Continuing in this line, we do not want to forget to mention other women such as Esther Hernández, Dominican composeror guitarists such as Liana PolancoThe company accompanies many of them in their moments of worship and praise or in their productions. Lately it stands out Kairy Marquez, who resides in Atlanta, USA. As a youth, she was part of the Youth Ministry at the Catholic Charismatic Center in the Bronx, serving as a youth retreat server. Her album Fly was produced by Jon Carlo, who gave her wings as Director of Praise on tour: "I bring music from God.".


We continue traveling and on this route we stop in Argentina, where we are from. Kiki Troiasinger, composer and producer. Many know him for having traveled thousands of stages and moments of prayer with the well known catholic singer-songwriter. Martin Valverde. We see them intertwined in a long history of mission, Argentina-Mexico. Kiki Troia's solo adventure has also been going on for many years, but recently he has delighted us with an album through his Facebook livewhere he gave us wonderful songs that bring us closer to God. Kiki is also known as a producer or pianist of some projects of Spanish catholic singers, such as Friar Nacho in their first albums, or Nico Montero, o Mary's Candlewho chose the piano of this arranger for the song From Mary: The Embrace; with which he closes the recording of the missionary project on the Rosary. As for Martin Valverde, we have seen him travel hundreds of countries with his testimony and his songs, which have helped us to grow, adore and pray; you will remember that mythical song: No one loves you like I do, or his first verses: "How long I've waited for this moment, how long I've waited for you to be like this...". We thank them both for their joint ministry.

From Argentina comes another woman, Athenasproduced by Jonatán Narváez, who has directed the projects of many Catholic musicians in Spain: Marcelo Olima based in Almería, Roberto Vega, Luis Alfredo Díaz, Migueli, Beatriz Elamado, and artists from other countries such as Querubines, Cristina Plancher, Daniel Poli, Carlos Seoane, Father Juan Andrés Barrera, Marcela Gael, etc. We invite you to approach all these Catholic singers, to dive into their melodies and experiences of God.

Athenas has 3 albums in its musical career: Christ Queen, Your grace is sufficient for me and everything is yours.. Together with her husband Tobias Buteler at the piano, are the visible face of a group of brothers who put their faith and talent at the service of evangelization, to bring young people to Jesus through their simple songs.

Peru, Canada, United States...

And in this journey, we came across a surprising fact, the musical group of Servants of Perua congregation of young people of Marian spirituality born in 1998 with young people from several Latin American countries. Their habits attract attention on stage or in videos. In this line of religious life began the well-known Chilean singer Hermana Glendaof which we know its mythical songs, such as Because I am afraid, and so many more. She has given thousands of prayer concerts all over the world. But we have talked about her in the first article about worship music in Spain, where she currently resides.

From Canada we received Matt Maher, although he moved to Arizona with his mother. He started in music and received a scholarship from the Arizona State University Jazz Department; he majored in jazz piano. He began attending St. Timothy Catholic Community in Mesa, Arizona. The meeting with Rich Mullins and IvoryMaher, a hotel pianist, helped him focus on making music for Christ. When Pope Benedict XVI visited the United States in April 2008, Maher led the musical worship before crowds of thousands of people at the Youth Rallyin Yonkers, New York. We saw him kneeling with his guitar at the Copacabana Vigil at WYD 2013 in Rio, presided over by Pope Francis. The song that took everyone's breath away was Lord I Need YouThe only thing we need is a guitar and a voice to get us into the heart of Christ, poor, humble, crucified and resurrected. Since he signed with Essential Records has a long series of recorded Cd's.

We continue to meet people who take us with the talent of music to the service of prayer and worship; we meet with John Michael Talbot, Franciscan, a U.S. national and founder of the monastic community The Brothers and Sisters of Charity in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. With a discography of more than 40 cd's, his music is peculiar and undoubtedly brings us closer to Jesus from other perspectives.

We mention a few more singers who preach with their voice, their music, the Word of God and the God of Life, the only one who has the last word. music, the Word of God and the God of Life, the only one who has the last Word on the Word on each person's life story: Alonso Sanabria (Costa Rica), Marco Lopez (Chile), Saily (Cuba), Alonso Sanabria (Costa Rica) Marco Lopez (Chile), Saily (Cuba), the group Alfareros (Dominican Republic), Pablo Martínez (Argentina) and so many others who at the international level continue to kneel before our Jesus, companion of the road and fatigues, of joys and consolations. Undoubtedly, He is the the driving force.

As St. Francis of Assisi used to say: "Therefore Therefore withhold nothing of yourselves, that he who is offered to you may receive you whole. all whole who is offered to you all whole".. May it be so in every heart of international and national Catholic musicians! national!

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