Bravo! 2022 Awards

The Episcopal Commission for Social Communications of the Spanish Episcopal Conference has awarded the Bravo! 2022 Awards to communication professionals.

Paloma López Campos-December 2, 2022-Reading time: < 1 minute
Bravo Award

The Bravo! Award (Photo: CEE)

The Bravo! Awards were created to reward the work merits of communication professionals in various media, who have distinguished themselves for their service to human dignity, human rights and Gospel values.

Although the winners were announced today, the awards ceremony will take place in February 2023. The jury that awarded the prizes was composed of Monsignor Salvador Giménez Valls, who presided over the body; Silvia Rozas, director of the magazine "Ecclesia"; Juan Carlos Carcía Domene, director of the BAC; José Luis Restán, president of Ábside Media; Rafael Ortega, president of UCIP-E; Fernando Galindo, dean of the UPSA School of Communication; Ulises Bellón, director of the CECS Press Department; Juan Orellana, director of the CECS Film Department; and José Gabriel Vera, director of the CECS Information Office and Secretariat.

Winners 2022

The winners of this edition are:

Bravo! Special: Foundation VIII Centenary of the Cathedral of Burgos.

Bravo! Press Award: Jorge Bustos, columnist for El Mundo.

Bravo! Radio Award: César Lumbreras, from COPE.

Bravo! Television Award: Almudena Ariza, from TVE.

Bravo! Award in Digital Communication: "Ecclesia" for the special "A visit for history".

Bravo! Film Award: Adolfo Blanco, for the promotion and distribution in Spain of "The Chosen".

Bravo! Music Award: Manu Carrasco.

Bravo! Advertising Award: Ogilvy's #30years campaign for Decathlon.

Bravo! Award in Diocesan Communication: Alberto Cuevas, delegate of the diocese of Tui-Vigo.

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