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"Eating and being satiated: two needs that are satisfied in the Eucharist."

On the Solemnity of Corpus Christi the Holy Father focused his words on how the Eucharist fills our lives, feeds us and satiates us.

Javier Garcia-June 19, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes

Photo: Pope Francis at the Angelus last Sunday. © CNS photo/Vatican Media

On the Solemnity of Corpus Christi the Holy Father has focused his words in emphasizing how "in the Eucharist everyone can experience this loving and concrete attention of the Lord. Whoever receives in faith the Body and Blood of Christ not only eats, but is satiated. Eating and being satiated: these are two fundamental needs that are satisfied in the Eucharist".

God is not a distant being who does not care about human beings. "He calls us to be citizens of Heaven, but in the meantime He takes into account the path we must face here on earth. If I have little bread in the bag, He knows it and cares."

Eucharist and charity

"At times we run the risk of confining the Eucharist to a vague dimension, perhaps luminous and perfumed with incense, but far removed from the difficult situations of daily life. In reality, the Lord takes our needs seriously, beginning with the most elementary. And he wants to give an example to his disciples, saying: "You give them something to eat" (v. 13). Our Eucharistic adoration finds its verification when we care for our neighbor, as Jesus does: all around us there is a hunger for food, but also for companionship, comfort, friendship, good humor and attention. This is what we find in the Eucharistic Bread: Christ's attention to our needs, and the invitation to do the same for those who are close to us. It is necessary to eat and to give food".

The presence of Christ in the Eucharist is the true driving force of the Christian life. "In the Body and Blood of Christ we find his presence, his life given for each of us. He does not give us only the help to go forward, but he gives himself: he becomes our traveling companion, he enters into our stories, he visits our loneliness, giving new meaning and enthusiasm. It satiates us, it gives us that more that we all seek: the presence of the Lord! For in the warmth of his presence our life changes: without him it would be truly gray. Adoring the Body and Blood of Christ, let us ask him with our hearts: "Lord, give me the daily bread to go forward and satisfy me with your presence!

At the end of the Angelus prayer, the Holy Father dedicated a few words to the Dominican martyrs beatified yesterday in Seville, Spain.a. He also asked for prayers for Myanmar and Ukraine. He even encouraged the faithful to examine themselves to see how much each one is doing to pray for the end of the war.

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