Acting in defense of our values

How should we handle ourselves in the midst of this society considered by many as "post-Christian"? The Instituto de Formación y Liderazgo Acción Cristiana, in the Dominican Republic, wants to be a center of thought based on a Christian worldview, where to develop critical thinking that positively impacts decision makers and the entire nation.

José Francisco Tejeda-May 31, 2022-Reading time: 4 minutes

Those of us who grew up in the last century grew up with a clear awareness of right and wrong, good and evil. It is not that it was a generation that was blameless in its behavior, but simply that it recognized what was right and what was wrong, although each one decided how to act. Today's generation, on the other hand, is characterized by an overwhelming relativism, where the "right" thing to do is, paradoxically, not to judge anything as wrong. According to today's postmodernism, there is no absolute truth, but everyone has his or her own truth. However, this argument is contradictory and rapidly self-destructive, for it presents itself as an absolute truth.

Although these times are catalogued as "post-truth", there are still many of us who know that truth does exist and we maintain a filter to filter through it any new concept or idea. Those of us who still base our opinions and way of seeing life on a transcendent and objective truth, ask ourselves: How should we handle ourselves in the midst of this society considered by many as "post-Christian"? It is a fundamental question to be answered by all of us who try to follow Jesus of Nazareth as Master and Lord.

It is easy to be invaded by an overwhelming sense of defeat in the face of the avalanche of anti-values that assaults us in practically all the scenarios of today's world. Different groups defending new "rights" unite with the common goal of removing everything that stands in the way of those supposed rights becoming law. The problem is that such laws, contrary to their claims, harm children and families and do not guarantee equality before the law, but rather exacerbate social conflicts, violate fundamental freedoms and infringe on the rights of individuals to live in a manner consistent with their values. 

Some wonder if it will be worth fighting this unequal and unequal battle, since these groups have the support of the most powerful people on earth. When in doubt, our answer is yes: it is worth fighting, knowing that this struggle is similar to that of David against Goliath. For this reason, a few years ago a group of Dominicans united with the purpose of acting in defense and promotion of Christian values in our nation, honoring our founding fathers, who, in establishing our Republic, put God first.

We founded the Christian Action Group precisely to act as salt and light within our society. Our desire is that every day more and more of us join this mission to preserve our founding values, reflected in our national motto: God, Homeland and Liberty. And that, in the same way, we multiply every day the citizens of the different countries of Latin America who assume a similar commitment in favor of their respective nations.

Several steps

Based on our experience, we share the steps we suggest for those who wish to act in this direction:

It is necessary to know the reality in which we live. There is an ideological agenda that, although it contradicts science and reason, is being successfully imposed in multiple nations. Precisely because of its success, there is already enough evidence to show that in practice its proposals are very detrimental to the family, children and civil liberties. It is necessary to know this agenda and its arguments, and to identify the fallacies that are part of its strategy.

We must unite and team up with others of equal vision. "Unity is strength", and this is well known and practiced by those who at all costs seek to impose their new moral and social order. We are called to unite to form a cohesive body of men and women who understand the times, know what is good for our nation and are ready to act on its behalf.  

We must train ourselves to act effectively. We know that our battle is not one of carnal weapons, but is primarily spiritual, cultural and legal. Therefore, we must educate ourselves intellectually, exercise our discernment and equip ourselves to present the defense of truth and exert effective influence in our society. This includes developing critical thinking and learning to debate ideas in order to be prepared at all times to defend the truth, always with gentleness and respect.

We must leave passivity behind and start making an impact on our environment. For a long time we remained passive and silent in society, because we did not have clear concepts, and although we could discern that certain things were not right, we did not have the capacity to argue against them, but once we dedicated our time and attention to training ourselves on these issues, it is time to act, each one from his or her respective scenario. We should not underestimate our capabilities by considering the most expert, because each person has his or her own sphere of influence.

Fathers and mothers can start with their own children, bringing them guidance and advice; teachers can guide their students when they notice confusion in them; adolescents and young people can exchange ideas with their peers and friends; doctors can use their training to refute the ideological fallacies disseminated as so-called science. In short, everyone is called to start right where God has placed them, always maintaining love and compassion, remembering that it is not a matter of winning a debate, but of winning lives so that they may come closer to the truth.

Christian Action Training and Leadership Institute

We invite you to join this movement through the Institute for Formation and Leadership Christian Action, IFLAC, participating in a virtual course that we have prepared. This course presents the main ideological concepts that are being widely spread in today's world, bringing so much confusion and doing so much harm to children, youth, families and entire societies.

The purpose of the institute is not only to provide training, but also that together we build a think tank based on a Christian worldview, where we can develop critical thinking that positively impacts decision makers and the entire nation.

The Diploma in Critical Thinking and Culture Battle is fully online and asynchronous, and is delivered through The teachers are international professionals, experts in these topics and protagonists of today's cultural battle: Agustín Lajewith a module on tactics for the cultural battle, how to be an influencer through networks, etc.; and another module on political theory; Amparito Medina covers abortion as a business, its real consequences and alternatives to abortion; Pablo Muñoz Iturrieta He speaks about gender ideology, feminism, LGBTQ+ identities; Miklos Lukacs covers globalism, transhumanism and converging technologies; and Christian Rosas covers the module of Christianity and freedom.

The authorJosé Francisco Tejeda

Omnes Correspondent in the Dominican Republic

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