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UFV to address the problem of loneliness in an online conference

The day, born from the experience of the multimedia report 'Loneliness in times of pandemic', will include three meetings on the subject.

Maria José Atienza-March 23rd, 2021-Reading time: 2 minutes
loneliness in Spain

Loneliness is one of the most worrying social problems in our country and, according to the data, far from being on the way to being solved, it is increasing every year.

In this context, tomorrow, Wednesday, March 24 at 12:30 p.m. hours a day will be held to reflect on the learning that the students of the School of Communication of the University of California at La Salle have acquired in the last two years. Francisco de Vitoria University have experienced as a result of the realization of the multimedia report Loneliness in times of pandemic'..

The day will consist of three meetings. The first will focus on the family, another will deal with the importance of accompaniment and the third will focus on the vital need of man for otherness and physical contact.

The first dialogue will have the participation of Elena Alderius, director of the Center for Integral Accompaniment to the Family of the UFV, and David Santaballa, student of Early Childhood Education. Both will reflect on the relevance of the family and the possible reasons why this institution is in danger, today more than ever.

Maleny Medina, director of the UFV Institute of Accompanimentand Alejandro Carballo, coordinator of the department of UFV Social Action. On this occasion, the importance of being well accompanied will be shared, especially in difficult situations, where man needs to have the necessary support to be able to transcend pain, suffering and any other adversity.

Finally, the dialogue on otherness will feature Isidro Catela, PhD in Information Sciences and professor of Ethics and Humanities at the UFV, and Mariana Reyes, a Mexican student at the UFV. Both will inquire into the need of man, as a relational being, to count on the other, the sense of belonging and to maintain physical contact.

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