Be rebellious. Turn off your cell phone and turn on solidarity

The insistence of certain politicians on sex shows how little confidence they have in youth when they only offer this type of behavior as an alternative to digital life. 

Javier Segura-April 19, 2021-Reading time: 3 minutes

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This week a new controversy about the sexual education that is being taught in our schools has been in the press again. The reason has been the publication by the City Council of the Madrid town of Getafe of the collection 'Gender Rebels'. Although it is a theme that has been repeated in many consistories. In fact, the material has a Canarian origin.

This collection, which the City Council has sent to primary and secondary schools, aims to teach children from twelve years old to 'depatriarchalize' their sexual relationships. It is made up of a total of six publications ('Despatriarcando el sexo', 'Despatriarcando el amor' 'Despatriarcando masculinidades', 'Despatriarcando parejas', 'Despatriarcando lenguajes y 'Despatriarcando cuerpos'). And, according to the Consistory, it aims to educate children and young people in free and equal sexual relations.

Evidently the first thing that jumps out is the crudest. Under the cover of a supposedly taboo-free language, they make a tawdry approach to sexuality in the purest gender ideology, encouraging early sexual relations. And, of course, they ridicule religion, mocking the figure of the Virgin Mary herself.

I would invite young people to turn off the television to open themselves to nature, to solidarity, to interiority, to sacrifice for others.

Javier Segura

One tends to think that some of our politicians have an obsession with sex and it is a real shame that this is the only alternative that the mayor of Getafe can think of to offer to our young people. It is to have very little esteem for young people themselves, as it appeals to their most instinctive passions. It seems that for our politicians sex is the only and greatest aspiration of young people. I would also invite young people to turn off the television, as the pamphlet says, but to open themselves to nature, to solidarity, to interiority, to commitment, to responsibility, to dedication, to sacrifice for others....

But the problem is that this is not a simple bank leg out. It's not that they've gone off the deep end. The sadder and more dangerous reality is that there is a cultural project they are building, of which these publications are just a small sample.

The 'hetereopatriarchy', which according to this publication must be destroyed, was a word that not so long ago surprised us when we heard it and made us smile at the ridiculousness of it. Today it is a concept known by the whole population and welcomed by part of it without any filter.

Is it just a concept? Is it just a political option? No, it is much more. I would say that it is the 'religion' of those who live from that ideology. It is what gives meaning to their lives, the reason they have to fight, what structures all their thinking and their relationships with others. It occupies the space that for a believer has the religious fact. It is an authentic proposal for the meaning of life.

That is why a dialogue is so difficult, if not impossible. Simply because it is not established on the same level of interlocution. It is not a political idea that is rationally contrasted with another political idea. For those who live from this conglomerate of ideologies (gender, feminism, animalism, globalism, transhumanism...) this way of thinking becomes their way of being, their own identity, the meaning of their life. In his 'Religion'..

That's why they do 'apostolate' and want to convince us all. Because they have to 'save' us. And they have to save the children from their own parents who think differently, because for them they do not think in a correct way but in an aberrant way. Because those who live from those keys of sense, we know it well, do not admit any other way of thinking.

They want to impose a total alternative to the model of person and society that has its roots in Christianity.

Javier Segura

The anecdote of this initiative of the City Council of Getafe and many other similar actions that are being implemented in the educational panorama, such as the Skola project of the Community of Navarra for example, are the tip of the iceberg that makes us see the great social and cultural challenge we are facing. What they propose and want to impose on us is a total alternative to the model of person and society that has its roots in Christianity.

And those who are promoting it know it.

It is necessary that we also wake up and realize it.

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