Lupita Venegas on the transmission of faith and Christian values to children

In this second interview with Omnes, Lupita Venegas talks about passing on the faith to children and the life of evangelization.

Gonzalo Meza-July 27, 2023-Reading time: 5 minutes

A baby is baptized in a church (Unsplash / Josh Applegate).

Lupita Venegas studied psychology and a master's degree in family therapy. She was born in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico in 1963, in a catholic home. She is married to Ricardo Perez Mainou and they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Lupita hosts the program "Enamórate" on El Sembrador TV and is a lecturer on family formation. She is also the author of the books "Despierta mujer dormida" and "Sin límites", among others. She is president of the civil association VALORA and is considered a "woman in love".influencerCatholic "in social networks.

In this second interview with Omnes, Lupita talks about the transmission of faith to children. children and the life of evangelization.

As a parent, what are the challenges you have had with your children and how have you coped?

- I am a great believer in positive discipline and tried to apply it at home. Firmness, kindness and respect were the basis for our educational philosophy. Educating them in the faith and seeing that the world's criteria go against it is not easy. I had to focus my efforts on sowing fundamental Christian values: love, solidarity, respect, courage. It is not about going against the world but walking in this life with our eyes set on heaven. 

It became necessary to create a peaceful atmosphere at home when there were confrontations between siblings. My husband and I had to come to an agreement when we were facing difficulties with very different criteria; I had to give in a lot because I became aware of my lack of flexibility on certain issues.

Talking to the children when they made mistakes was something we tried to do as a married couple. It didn't always go well, but we tried and they appreciated it.  

The children were growing up healthy. We tried to create environments where we could live with nature. We went on family missions and this helped them to realize their blessings and to prevent the consumption of drugs and alcohol, among other evils.

Sometimes we want to be popular or always be liked by our children. But we lose the most for the least. By always wanting to get along with them, we fail to transmit our values to them. For me the value of purity, the value of modesty, are very important and I had to transmit them without shocking them, without being military, but being sincere. I believe that one of the keys is that parents should not be afraid to transmit their convictions. In the end, freedom is not imposed. You freely decide, but I do recommend that, if we are going to sow in our children the conviction for Christ, we should be convinced and be coherent. Without imposing, without mistreating, but with firmness. Firm in substance, gentle in form.

When did you decide to dedicate yourself to evangelization not only within your family, but also outside? What is it that moved you to go out and evangelize?

- We are all called to form a Christian home. In the case of married women, we all have a first duty as wives and mothers. Our first duty is to fulfill as a woman, as the wife of my husband. The first place, after God, is the husband and my children. That married woman who says to me: "I don't know what God is asking of me". I answer her: "He asks you to be an excellent wife and mother. Have no doubt about it. But if in addition to that, because of your talents and your life circumstances, God asks you for more, for example, to go out as a family to evangelize the world, you have to give it to him". What God asks of me, he asks because I can give it. Of course, we have to organize and prioritize. Prayer life, of course, is fundamental. I start my day with prayer. If I don't do it, I lose myself.

The first 13 years as a family I devoted myself full time to my home as a wife and mother. Those years were for my children. I know that not everyone can and that some have to work and that is the reality today; but I also know that it is very important to live with our children and be with them in their early years. Many times for me this was not easy. I saw my friends prospering academically and at work, while I was still at home changing diapers. "What good did studying do you? To change diapers?" they would say. So there was a moment when I felt the pressure of the environment. But because of my faith conviction, I said, "God wants me to be here and here I am. I love my children and I can't imagine taking them somewhere else to be taken care of. Here I am and blessed be God I can do it. I'm staying with them. 

After those 13 years of full-time family life, we began our apostolate. In conversations with my friends, we complained a lot about the content of the media. And we decided not just to complain but to do something. That's when VALORA was born, an apostolate focused on bringing the values of the Gospel, the values of the family to the media. We focus on love, on giving, on service, on giving to others. I dedicate my mornings to VALORA. I work from 9am to 1pm. During that time I do content, prepare talks, programs, etc. We have several programs, a very listened Internet station, and 6 precious apostolates. We are a great team and God is in charge if we do everything in order.

When I began this apostolate, I became disoriented and had a family crisis. That is to say, I began to work so much for the outside, neglecting the inside, my family. Fortunately, I have a wonderful man by my side, who made me see this. And he said to me, "In your talks you are talking very well about the family, but you are not with your family." He was right and so I rearranged. Hierarchy. God first, then husband and children and then the rest. 

In your evangelization or speaking experiences, what is the experience that has touched you the most?

- Many times people contact me to thank me and say, "Lupita. This program helped me. I reconsidered my marriage situation. I was going to separate and I didn't". Or in other cases: "I have returned to God because of this content you have shared. I am in the church and I want to be a saint." "I am on my feet after a depression. God put you in my path." Then I know that the glory goes to God. God uses me as an instrument, certainly unworthy. 

But there is one story in particular that touched me. Once a girl came up to me and said, "Lupita, do you remember me?" I honestly didn't remember. She continued, "I came to thank you. A year ago I was passing by this parish when I heard your voice. I came in to listen to your talk. At that time I had a tremendous internal conflict. But what you said in the talk touched my heart. I came to thank you... Well, not me, her". And she showed me her one-year-old baby in her arms. And she said to me: "She comes to thank God. And thanks to you. I was planning to have an abortion. But after listening to you on that occasion, God let me know that my daughter was my treasure and that she had a mission. And here she is. She is alive because of that day when I listened to you and heard the voice of God". These are emotional moments in which one says: "Lord, thank you because you allow me to serve you even with so many mistakes and with so many weaknesses".

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