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She is one of the greatest fighters for the cause of life. Alicia Latorre coordinates the Platform Yes to Life, which has called the March for Life 2022 on March 27, and chairs the Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Associations. In her opinion, the reform of the abortion law is "intimidating" and "a steamroller of rights and liberties".

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They have coincided almost on the same days this week. On the one hand, the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, announced in Congress some lines of a legislative reform that obliges public hospitals to have professionals who perform abortions; eliminates the mandatory three-day period of reflection before having an abortion, and puts an end to the requirement of parental consent for girls aged 16 and 17, an issue introduced by the PP. "Abortion will be free, free and safe," said the minister.

On the other hand, the Platform Yes to Life, made up of 500 associations, and whose coordinator is Alicia Latorre, president of the Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Associations, has once again called on civil society in Spain.

The meeting will take place on March 27th at 12:00 noon in Madrid (c/Serrano/Goya), with the aim of taking to the streets in defense of all human life, asking for "respect for the dignity of all people and show the rejection of the latest laws passed, which directly threaten human life", as reported by Omnes.

This year, therefore, the International Day of Life will be celebrated once again. The closest precedent for the defense of life in the streets took place in January, with the rally of Every Life MattersThe group's main issues were the lack of public aid for maternity, the law on euthanasia, the unborn, the attack on doctors' conscientious objection, and the reform of the Penal Code against the freedom of expression of pro-lifers.

On the occasion of the March for Life at the end of March, Omnes spoke with Alicia LatorreShe has not dodged any question, and we have seen her as enthusiastic as ever.

What are the main objectives of the March for Life in March?

- On the one hand, to show one more year (and 11 since 2011) our public and united commitment to the defense of life and its dignity, from all the fields in which the different associations that make up this platform are working. 

On the other hand, to raise our voices to denounce the injustice and shame of the most recent laws that threaten life (euthanasia and persecution of pro-lifers), as well as the previous ones that have taken millions of human lives. 

Likewise, as every year, we want to show the precious and intense face of human life with so many positive aspects, so many testimonies of struggle, overcoming and generosity, which are almost never shown and are happening every day. 

The color green hope and the resounding answer of saying Yes to life for everyone at any time and in any circumstance will run through the streets of Madrid, preceded by a joyful race for life. 

How do you assess the reform that criminalizes counseling women who go to abortion centers as a "coercive, intimidating" act?

- It is yet another twist in the evil of abortion on the part of its entrepreneurs and the perverse ideology of the culture of death. It reveals, on the one hand, that they recognize that the action of those who offer information and help, or those who pray and see them as a real danger to their business, is effective.

It is an intimidating law, a steamroller of rights and liberties and, worse, they intend to whitewash evil, with a law to confuse the legal with the good. It is to present good as evil to be persecuted. They know perfectly well that there is no harassment or intimidation.

The law is written in the worst possible way, because there is a presumption of guilt, and the complaint does not even have to be made by the women, but can be made by the abortion centers themselves.

Evidently all of this will have to be demonstrated later, but in the meantime, there are previous penalties similar to the also unjust, because discriminatory, law of the so-called gender violence. 

Describe that task performed by those who provide information or assistance.

- These courageous people, together with the hundreds of associations that also prevent abortions and care for pregnant women and their families, are carrying out a silent and effective revolution that gives us well-founded hope. Their mere existence has already saved tens of thousands of human lives and has supported and helped hundreds of thousands of women, men and families. 

I hope and wish with all my heart that all this is just the last throes of this current of hatred and arrogance, and that as soon as possible the culture of life can spread to all corners of the world. In the meantime, we will continue to sow and spread it. 

Abortion has been decriminalized in Colombia up to 24 weeks, and some media have spoken of a "historic advance".

- It is a terrible tragedy for a country that is already punished with the euthanasia law, with violence, kidnappings, drug trafficking and other fruits of the culture of death. All this only creates death, extreme suffering, hopelessness and corruption, so our pain is immense for the Colombian population, most of whom have a big heart and are being attacked in their values and beliefs. The consequences are not only for those innocent creatures whose lives are going to be taken away in such a cruel way, nor for their mothers, something we sadly already know in Spain after 36 years of abortion, but for the individual and collective conscience of the Colombian people and other countries it may influence. 

Presenting it as a historical advance is part of the strategy of those who pull the economic and ideological strings of the culture of death, of those who have drawn up a plan to advance their plans for the extermination and control of peoples and nations.

These are well-known strategies of manipulating language, presenting abortion as women's freedom and pro-lifers as their enemies. The reality is that children are ignored and objectified, women are of no interest to them except as merchandise and not only do they not help them to solve their problems, but they abandon them after the abortion without wanting to solve the physical, psychological and moral consequences.

We end the brief conversation with Alicia Latorre. About the Colombian constitutional decision, the coordinator of the Platform Yes to Life affirms: "Much more could be said, but of course it is not only not an advance but a step backwards from a legislative point of view, as well as in human rights and progress". Just a small recommendation. If you have a few minutes, watch the report 'What do you need in order not to have an abortion?' Maybe it will help to think a little.

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