Self-awareness and ego

Includes podcast - Living with an egomaniac is especially difficult. A serious exercise of virtues is necessary to help redirect this type of attitudes that can be fatal in any human relationship.

José María Contreras-December 29, 2022-Reading time: 2 minutes
pride and ego

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For some time now, the word ego has taken on a major role in the most common conversations.

It wasn't like that before. I remember the first time I stumbled upon it in a conversation. I must have made a strange face because my interlocutor said: Yes, yes ego, arrogance.

It is now a frequent term and has more "prestige" than the word pride because the latter seems less delicate, less elegant. However, at the end of the day, it is the same thing.

Paradoxically, there are people who are very proud of their ego, in fact, they openly admit it to you, I have a lot of ego, they tell you when asked.

They tend to be inflexible people with very little self-knowledge. It is not uncommon for them to tell you that they do not regret anything they have done in the past. This leads them to be ungrateful. They do everything right. They owe nothing to anyone. As a consequence, they are incapable of asking for forgiveness.

How can a person say that they would not change anything, when human beings make mistakes several times every day? As they feed their ego, the distrust of the people around them increases.

Apologizing for mistakes is one of the characteristics of leadership, but to them it seems a weakness, therefore, as we have said, they never ask for forgiveness. They find it difficult to love and to feel loved. Asking for forgiveness is part of love. In coexistence, it is necessary to do it frequently. It is human to make mistakes.

A "non-human" person produces rejection. He has a certain incapacity to educate. He is likely to be very inflexible in the face of others' mistakes.

These egomaniacs give the feeling that they are doing a favor to others on a regular basis and this incapacitates them in the long run not only to love as we have said, but to keep their loves. People with a lot of ego, disunite a lot.

Because of the lack of knowledge they have about themselves, it is necessary to be careful, in the coexistence, anything can bother them. You are tense around them.

I say that he is what has always been called an arrogant person.

 A person who is difficult to live with and incapable of educating because of his lack of self-awareness.

In spite of everything, having an ego is fashionable and, at times, well regarded. It is true that it is possible to get out of ego: it is enough to acquire some personal training and increase one's self-knowledge.

Simply, to realize that the human being is weak and in many occasions a being in need of others.

In other words, it is enough to be in reality, in what things are.

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