Grilex: "There are many artists with an incredible thirst for God's love".

Next Saturday, April 15, Grilex will celebrate the "Resurrection Party" with all those who want to join this free and open event in the heart of Madrid.

Maria José Atienza-April 9, 2023-Reading time: 3 minutes

Photo: Guillermo Esteban, Grilex ©ACdP

His name is Guillermo Esteban, but he is better known as "Grilex". This young man is one of the singers that make up the lineup of "The Feast of the Resurrection"a free concert, promoted by the Catholic Association of Propagandists which will bring together, in Madrid's Plaza de Cibeles, this young rapper together with Carlos Baute, Juan Peña, Andy y Lucas and the catholic youth group Hakuna. A different, fresh and fun way to celebrate "the most awaited moment by many, the victory of life over death".

Days before this celebration, Grilex spoke with Omnes about this celebration, which will surely mark a before and after in the Christian calendar in Spain and which its organizers hope will not be the only edition.

Juan Peña, Andy y Lucas, Baute... are synonymous with celebration. What does it mean to give this testimony of faith today? 

-It is something incredible, to be able to share this space with these geniuses is something unique. Above all, to be able to be with them on this feast of faith.

How did we arrive at this feast of the Resurrection? 

-In the official website of the ACdP is all the information to know how to get there. I recommend arriving early because it is going to be very, very crowded.

We have to ask God to grant us a glimpse of his love, even if it hurts us to fall off our horse.

Grilex. Singer

As a Christian and as a singer, you put your gifts at the service of Christ, and the risen Christ. How do you live the life of Faith? 

-I live my faith with the people closest to me. The community, the Eucharist, the rosary and the reading of the Word is my way of living my faith.

Also being able to share this with people who reinvent themselves from the falls and are pure joy makes me live the faith in a very privileged way.

Before the celebration of "the joy of faith". Who still has a "sad" vision of the Christian life? 

-Of course, in the end, those who do not understand the love in capital letters of what God does and did for us can live the Christian life in a sad way.

Everything changes when one begins to understand God's love.

We have to ask God to grant us a glimpse of his love, even if it hurts us to fall off our horse.

I have a motto: As God wills, when God wills, where God wills.

Grilex. Singer

The artistic world is an "a priori" not very "Christian" environment, but there are exceptions, as we can see. How does Grilex manage in this world? What do you learn from it? 

-I like to be with those who are "survivors of life's wounds".

The famous artist is not spared from the falls, the heartbreak, the emptiness. I am learning that there are many artists with an incredible thirst for God's love.

I know that God wants to enter into everyone to repair that which is broken. That is why Christians are needed in this world, to give testimony of God's love.

Grilex ©Acdp

You have lived through some very hard personal moments that have brought you closer to God. How did you experience joy and trust in God during those moments? 

-We must learn to trust even if we do not understand the path that God sets before us. That is why children are masters in this sense. They trust their parents.

One of the things that helps me the most to live joyfully in that trust is to see myself as a child trusting in my father God. I have a motto: As God wills, when God wills, where God wills.

A few months ago you announced that in June you will "drop everything". Should we expect something surprising from Grilex ? 

-Hahahaha! You guys are great.

The truth is that I can't say much, well I can't really say anything, but time will tell what is coming.

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