Colonialist advances. Challenges and responses

The author recalls the call of Pope Francis to deny "the new ideological colonizations that seek to destroy the family". 

Juan Ignacio Gonzalez Errazuriz-September 13, 2017-Reading time: 3 minutes
Cathedral Mexico.

Pope Francis often uses the expression ideological colonization. He defines it as the attempt to impose on peoples ideologies that are alien to their principles. Latin America and Africa are today the territory of these conquests. That affirmation that our Dark America was the continent of hope has been fading in the face of the new colonization. The main "expeditions" colonizers come from the international organizations and the United Nations, which are the instruments of the new "mission". 

U.S. liberalism, with power and money, is another ally that allocates its resources to the agenda. "civilizing". State funds for the IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) and their Amerindian and African cronies are proof of this. The invaders have found good and effective accomplices, who work arduously in the imposition of the new ideas. Some are direct agents and others are semi-dormant cooperators, disarticulated in their original thinking, as is the case with the political parties of Christian roots, which have folded to the reforming tide. The colonizing movement is of ancient date. It comes from the rationalism of the eighteenth century, seasoned with the secularism of the twentieth, and seasoned with the relativism of the twenty-first. Those who yesterday brought us Christianity, now come to take it away from us. 

The new colonialism has a great containment in the Catholic Church, which has opposed its designs, even though modern ideas have crept into its ranks and have dragged more than one theologian who today are the support of disruptive positions in its bosom. The Church under the guidance of Peter-Paul, John Paul, Benedict and Francis-has not wavered on the essential non-negotiable issues of human dignity, even if human doomsayers say that it is not worth fighting lost battles. To be fair, Protestant evangelicalism, too, broken down into thousands of groups, constitutes an anti-colonialist defense. It cannot, however, be assumed as a whole, because they have given way on some very important fundamentals such as the defense of the indissolubility of marriage, the acceptance of abortion, etc. 

Family and gender ideology 

The flags of struggle of the colonialist onslaught are well known. Starting from the rejection of any superior norm or principle, we would say the law of God and Christian morality, the colonial ships bear precise names; expansion of divorce and contraception everywhere, and of marriage between persons of the same sex; the spread of gender ideology, "the most artful attack on the Christian faith."The Pope told the Chilean bishops, to get to the adoption of children by homosexual couples; the attempt to take away from parents the education of their children, to leave it in the hands of the State; an exacerbated animalism, which puts the human being at the same level as the rest of the living, and all this supported with harsh laws of non-discrimination that try to stifle any dissidence before the colonial onslaught. Needless to say that attacks on the Church - overt or covert - are part of the invasion program, even when they are careful with the forms and promise not to touch it even with the petal of a rose. All this force counts on enormous economic resources for its deployment.

Pope Francis warns us: "Let us be attentive to the new ideological colonization of the world.óThere are ideological colonizations. There are ideological colonizationsóThey come from outside, that's why I say that they are colonizations. [...] They come from outside, that is why I say that they are colonizations. Let us not lose the freedom of the mission.óThe mission that God gives us, the mission ofóThe family's role in the family. And soí how our peoples at one point in their history came to the maturity to say 'no' to any colonization of the world.s website as a family, we have to be very, very shrewd, very honest, very honest.áand the weak, very strong to say 'no' to any attempt at colonization.s website ideology about the family". (Meeting with families, January 16, 2015).

How long can this onslaught last? Given the long incubation time, it is certain that it will last a long time. That is why it is necessary to ask ourselves how to effectively oppose it, in order to lessen its damage. The Pope himself has given us some clues: he has placed the woman, mother, wife and servant in the main line of defense of Christian values and, in particular, of the family. Her wisdom, intuition and capacity for sacrifice and endurance in hard times is the way not to be lost. Ensuring the development of popular piety, a mass Christian expression, which is able to survive any ideological attack, especially because of the presence in it of the Mother of God, who guides, cares for and encourages the people in their journey. 

America is from one end to the other a land of Mary, under whose light rich and poor alike find their bearings in the darkness. Giving more and more attention to young people, who have the gift of prophecy, anticipate the future and are themselves the time to come. Encouraging dialogue between the new generations and our older adults, "the elders of the tribe"In this way, those who announce the future receive the memory of those who have already lived the past and thus transmit the values for the new times, which are none other than the perennial principles of Christianity.

The authorJuan Ignacio Gonzalez Errazuriz

Bishop of San Bernardo (Chile)

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