Oberster Gerichtshof der USA verhandelt über entscheidenden Kampf um das Leben

The culmination of the possible end of the "constitutional right of appeal" in the United States, which the 1973 decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States, known as "Roe v. Wade", could lead to the Church, the pro-life groups and the various Christian faiths to a legal challenge. Wade", was brought to an end, can provide the Church, the Pro-Life groups and the various Christian faiths with an opportunity to make themselves heard and to work together to promote the need for the protection of human life.

Maria José Atienza-September 12, 2022-Reading time: 4 minutes
right to life

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"In the U.S. Constitution, there is no right to protect Abtreibung. It is at the time, the Magna Carta Beachtung is to be protected and this freedom of choice is to be overcome by the elected representatives in the individual states". So lautet einer der Sätze in der Stellungnahme von Richter Samuel Alito, einem der neun Richter des Obersten Gerichtshofs der Vereinigten Staaten (SCJ), deren Urteilsentwurfs am 2. Mai auf der Website Politico geleakt wurde.

The Court of Appeals of the District Court of Appeals of the Republic of Mississippi has stated that this is an authentic text, which has been unacceptably misunderstood, but does not represent the Court's opinion, but rather the opinion of Richter Alito in the case of "Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization", which resulted in a law passed by the Mississippi Federal Court of Appeals in the case of "Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization". Jackson Women's Health Organization" wiedergibt, der ein Gesetz des Bundesstaates Mississippi anfechtet, dass Abtreibungen nach der 15. Schwangerschaftswoche verbietet.

Even if it is not a matter of an unequivocal or final purpose, Richter Alito's lasting text could, in the present day, combine the opinions of the other five conservative judges of the Obersten Gerichtshofs with those of the other five.

Sollte dieser Urteilsentwurf endgültig verabschiedet werden, würde dies das Ende des Rechts auf Abtreibung in den Vereinigten Staaten bedeuten, welches durch das Grundsatzurteil von 1973 (Roe v. Wade) begründet wurde wurde.

The decision of the Court at the end of its proceedings in the coming days or weeks could lead to a series of fundamental rights violations, which would then be deemed to be "grossly violating human rights". Zu diesen Urteilen gehören Roe v. Wade (1973), Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) und andere Urteile der unteren Instanzen.

Der Schlüssel: the right to life

Since the publication of these documents by Politico, numerous opponents have demonstrated in various parts of the country, from the Capitol to the capitals of pro-life groups and even in churches. Many of these demonstrations are not easy to see.

Auch Medien, darunter die New York Times, die Los Angeles Times, die Washington Post und das Wall Street Journal, haben der Abtreibungsfrage dutzende Seiten und ganze Abschnitte gewidmet und das "Recht der Frau" verteidigt.

Many multinational US companies have declared that they would be able to support their employees financially to ensure access to this measure. Politicians of the democratic parties have also used their "support" for the exemption and vehemently defended the "right of women".

In fact, democratic senators have for some days now introduced a legislative draft that is intended to make it possible to introduce a federal law. This initiative, however, seems to be a step in the right direction of the republican majority in the Oberhaus.

In addition, President Joe Biden - a former supporter of the opposition, although he is a known Catholic - and his government have opened a new campaign. After the publication of the documents by Richter Alito, President Biden said: "My government is a close defender of the Bahraini decision of Roe v. Wade. Es ist ein Präzedenzfall, der das Konzept der persönlichen Freiheit des vierzehnten Verfassungszusatzes anerkennt, dass die Bürger vor der Einmischung der Regierung in zutiefst persönliche Entscheidungen schützt. Ich glaube, dass das Recht der Frau, sich zu entscheiden, grundlegend ist. If the Oberste Gerichtshof Roe v. Wade is upheld, the elected representatives of the nation will be called upon to protect this right.

The Pandora's Büchse

The opinion of Richter Alito and his successor, who would have set up the "right to a fair trial" on the basis of the "right of defence" in order to overcome this question for each federal state, is against one of the founding principles of American federalism. In the federalist system, each state is independent. They have their own executive, legislative and judicial powers and a separate constitution, which cannot be interpreted in violation of the Magna Carta.

In a country that is so geographically, socially and demographically diverse, and whose states are so deeply immersed in their history and traditions, the fundamentalist system is the only one that can ensure the functioning of a nation that is so complex and diverse. Such divergences also raise moral and legal questions, including the issue of abdication. Traditionalist states such as Texas, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina either restrict abortion or even prohibit it. In other liberal states, such as California, Colorado and New York, the Schwangerschaftsabbruch is still being supported.

The work of the churches

José H. Gomez, Erzbischof von Los Angeles, Kalifornien, hat die Katholiken zu einem Gebets- und Fastentag am 13. Mai, dem Fest Unserer Lieben Frau von Fatima, eingeladen, um zu bitten, dass Roe v. Wade gekippt wird wird und dass sich die Herzen der Abtreibungsbefürter bekehren.

The fishermen have also been given the opportunity to work for the integrity of the justice system, "so that all three government agencies can help to protect the rights and dignity of the human person, from the empire to the natural death".

One of the frontiers on which the Church and the various Christian faiths have to work is the witnessing of the innermost hearts of the people who are the ones who are the ones to whom the answer is given.

A major challenge will be to make clear from the media and social networks that abortion is "a fundamental human right, a fundamental right: the right of women to determine their own bodies".

In his text, Richter Alito is unequivocal: "Abtreibung does not fall into the category of a tort law, because such a law was totally unconstitutional until the end of the 20th century in American law.

Bei der Verabschiedung des vierzehnten Verfassungszusatzes (1868) hatten drei Viertel der Staaten Abtreibung in jedem Stadium der Schwangerschaft als Verbrechen eingestuft.

Obwohl es sich sich bei diesem illegal durchgesickerten Dokument um eine Stellungnahme von Richter Alito handelt und nicht das Urteil aller Richter des Obersten Gerichtshofs, berührt es es das vielleicht heikelste Thema der amerikanischen Öffentlichkeit: die Abtreibung. This could open a Pandora's box that would further strengthen the extreme polarization in the country.

However, it can also be an opportunity for the Church, pro-life groups as well as various Christian faiths to be involved and to join together for this purpose, to strengthen the belief in the necessity of life from the empire to the natural death and, therefore, to clarify the false declaration of the abtreibungsgegner, who for half a century has been calling the abtreibung "the right of the abtreibung as a "right of the truth": das Recht der Frau, über ihren Körper zu entscheiden" darstellt. According to Richter Alito, there is no such right and it has never been done. A "Schwangerschaftsabbruch" is simply the light of a human life in the world.

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